Wednesday, September 8, 2010


YUP! It's fall! The temps didn't get much about 60 today and it was CHILLY! It takes awhile for this old body to get used to that kind of a drop. Seems like I had cold feet all day.
BUT...this time of year is so darn much fun! I love taking new handmades into the shop and having some of our other great artists drop off their wares. Above is Black Jack, done on an old tin thingy and wrapped in cheesecloth.
My favorite was this little guy (not really so little) that wanted to come in from standing in the corn fields.
Old Hootie came flying in and landed on a piece of branch to perch until someone takes him home.
This funky witch has a pocket on the front of her holding a handmade broom. She has flax hair and is so much fun.
That brings us to Sharon! WOO HOO!!! Just love everything she does. This old wash tub was the perfect topper for the old wooden wheelboro. I could just see it filled with pumpkins and bittersweet!
This old washtub serves double duty. Who doesn't just love a witch silouette...
... and then turn it around and let it hold your Christmas tree! It is just the best!
How about an old rusty minnow bucket filled with orange lights? Wouldn't this look great hanging on a porch???!!! Sharon is a wonderful artist and I feel so fortunate to have her painting for me!
AND THEN - Bonnie's gourds are just incredible! These two have removable witch's hats and the crow could stay out all year.
Isn't it great how she incorporated the words into the old tree?
Last, but not least, are sho flys made by Debbie in all different sizes. Aren't they just perfect for your noodle board and pantry cakes?
So you see, everyday is like Christmas at Holly Hills Primitives!
I'm looking forward to tomorrow too. Time to redo the window as witchy as I can to ready ourselves for Witch's Nite Out! Should be so much fun, I went and picked up lights and all kinds of fun things tonight after work.
I am not going to let one big leak in the ceiling ruin my day - even though it fried my credit card machine and soaked my whole desk and everything in front of it! What a mess - but I should have a new machine by tomorrow afternoon and everything else will dry. I just kept thinking, it could have been worse!
Hope you are enjoying fall as much as I am!
Until next time...


  1. Dawn,
    Just loving all those new handmades. The shop must look awesome. thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Dawn: How wonderful to have your own shop...That has been my goal as well! Thanks for stopping by and signing up for my giveaway...I am working on getting some sweet annie up for sale. check back. patti :)

  3. Love, love the wash tubs...everything looks great...

  4. I agree... the wash tubs are really cute! I just love this time of year and all the pumpkin dolls and bats!

  5. I love the pics of your shop! We are moving to Ann Arbor in June and I am putting your shop as one of my first stops! We are relocating from Houston and unfortunately, after seven years here, I have yet to find a store filled with decorating items that I adore in the area. I am so excited to stop by! I will see you in June!

  6. Dawn,
    Black Jack sure is adorable!! Love the wash tubs too! Everything looks greats! Sorry to hear about the leak in the ceiling.

  7. Just catching up on my reading.....your store looks very "witchy" and "Halloweeny" my favorite time of the year to decorate with fun things!!!
    Not so "cool" here quite yet...I am ready for some sweater weather! Sorry about the leak...hope it is all fixed....XO, Judy

  8. Hi Dawn...sorry I've been missing your posts.

    LOVE all your sweet goodies!
    I just the Crow Candles don't you???? I sold the last of mine at my sale last weekend...time for new I guess.

    Hugs, Karen

  9. The shop looks very nice. Lori and have been busy decorating our shop also. It's a lotta work!! Hope your stuff dries out o.k. Don't ya just hate a leak, just a drop or two of water can really mess things up. Good luck on drying out!! Yeah!!We finally got a little cooler here also. (millstonemercantile)