Thursday, February 26, 2009


Happy Thursday evening blogger friends. I promised to put a few more handmades on, so here they are. Spring flowers are wool felt with old quilt centers "planted" in rusty cans. $14.95

Hannah's new hat is a black makedo with her new mustard spring bonnet. She is on an old grubbed up black vase. The color in the picture doesn't do her justice. She is a lot darker. $24.95

Cora's cone flower is a grubby blue felt handmade flower on a stick. She is one of my favorites! Her "hair" is rusty bells stitched around the top of her head. Her grubby dress has tiny blue stars and underneath she wears muslin bloomers. She would be adorable on a cupboard or peg hanger. Cora is 23" tall. $39.95

Tallula and her tulips. One of my newest black dolls. Tallula is wearing a small green check homespun blouse and bloomers. Her bibbed skirt is a larger green check homespun. Her hair is rusty curly wire. She just came in from the flower garden holding two handmade tulips. She stands 24" tall. $49.95

Jasper is a prim bunny makedo on an antique hog scraper. His whiskers are rusty wire and his ears are lined with OLD quilt batting. $27.95

Happy Harvey is a funny little prim bunny dressed in grubby red ticking overalls, rusty wire whiskers and carries 2 red spring tulips. He is 23" tall. $29.95

Are these slippers a hoot?

Doris and her dyed eggs is a cutie! She is wearing her green floral Easter dress, holding her rusty wire egg dipper and she put her grubby eggs in her pockets. Her feet were hurting, so she put on her little bunny slippers. She is 23" tall. $39.95
That's all the pictures I took for today. If you are ever interested in any of the items posted here, just let me know and we can ship them to your doorstep. Things were a little busy. My UPS man delivered a big order and my great high school friend, Hope, came and brought me lunch. We hadn't seen each other in quite a few years, so it was fun to catch up for the afternoon. It is quite something when you think of the history you have with old friends. Our oldest children both turn 40 this year and we have known each other since about the 7th grade!
Friend Connie and I are counting the days until our Ohio trip. Can't wait!! We have been wanting to go see Jailhouse Primitives for about a year and we are finally going to be able to do it. Check out her blog! I know we won't get any sleep, but who cares! We have 4 days to pack in Waynesville, a trade show in Columbus, visiting Jailhouse Primitives and Lizzie's Cabin and then on to the prim show in Richmond, Indiana. I miss her so darn much since she moved to Tennessee and we always have so much fun when we get together. It isn't often that a friend comes along that shares almost all of your same interests. We have had some of the best adventures. One year we did the 127 Garage Sale and went 1700 miles in 4 days! Did we ever find the treasures though. My favorite times together have been at our cottage in upper Michigan. We take the sewing machine and lots of supplies and sew like mad women in our p.j.'s for a few days. We live on popcorn and Diet Coke and laugh ourselves silly. She does a lot of wonderful handmades for Rebecca's Thyme in Pigeon Forge. Check out the website at That shop is FANTASTIC!!! Can't wait to go back someday.
My Abbey girl (granddaughter) came over tonight and we had a "cookie party" in bed and watched Idol. She is 6 years old and truly one of my best friends. She is a very big help at the shop and with anything else you need her to do. She started doing a few needle projects and she's actually pretty good. (You know, you've got to start them young!)
Now it's my turn to get some sleep. This has been a very busy week and I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday already!
Have a wonderful day and we'll talk again soon...

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