Wednesday, February 25, 2009


What a great 2 days I've had! My friend Debbie came to visit for a "sleepover" and we played in the store for 2 days! We sat up and talked 'til 3 a.m. last night. My hubby finally couldn't take it any longer and went to bed! Thought you might like to see a few shots of the inside of our my shop. This is a building from the 1800's with creaky wood floors, 13' ceilings, and one brick wall. The other side was redone in the 70's with old houses that were being torn down around Holly and a "log cabin" built on the back wall. Hope you enjoy your tour!

Nice old hoosier with the flour bin and roll-down compartment. I call it our "chicken coop"! Lots of prim chicks and handmade gourd eggs are kept here.

Couldn't resist showing you this old, vintage windmill that Debbie brought this time. It is wonderful!!!

I love our little fireplace and electric logs. It is surrounded by old tables and chairs and lots of other prim goodies.

We hung this beautiful shelf/quilt rack today and I just LOVE it! Debbie's husband, Kenny, made it for the shop. I will take orders if anyone is interested. As soon as the weather gets a little warmer, he will be building more prim pieces for us. He is SO talented!!! I'm hoping he will do a prim island with old windows for the cupboard doors on it - please Kenny???

When you walk into the shop, this area is a raised wood and brick platform on your right. I am doing a little section of whites, greens, pinks and yellows for you shabby gals and for spring. This is soon going to become our new "porch" area.

More spring, Easter, and garden wares. My hubby built the little greenhouse for me and it's so much fun to decorate for all of the different seasons.

This is just a little sitting area in front of one of the "houses". Adding more and more vintage outdoor goods.

Another section of the shop with old cupboards, tables, dishes, candles and more.

Just a view of some of the old home fronts on one of the walls.

The first "house" with the red trim is really special to me. After I opened the shop, the local paper did a story about me. One of my elementary school friends saw the article and came in to visit. When she walked in the front door, she saw that red trim on that house and couldn't believe it! She lived in that house until she was in the second grade (in the 50's)! It was across from the post office and around the corner from the funeral home. She said she used to stand in the glass front door and watch the funeral processions go by. She even brought her mom back in to see it. So glad that at least part of it was saved!

This is my granddaughter Abbey's house. She has a t.v., little chairs and a sleeping bag behind the door. What a great little playhouse (and storage). I would have loved something like this when I was a little girl.

The blue house next to Abbey's house is our potty - pretty cute huh? There is the coolest old balcony above it.

My favorite is the "inside" of the log cabin. The old Detroit Jewel stove is for sale, but I also use it for my events at the shop. Great place to serve coffee, punch and munchies.

This "log cabin" is the back wall to the shop. I can't tell you how much character this gives and what a great place to house our prim goodies.
This has been a quick "two bit" tour, but at least you can get the idea. Debbie went with me last night to buy more things for the store. We talked and laughed and had the best time. It was so great to have her here today and, the good news is, she is coming back next week with another load!
I have added more handmades this week too, with more to come. I'm also hoping that more orders are being delivered tomorrow - another fun day!
I hope you all get a chance to come visit soon.
I've got to get sewing and working on another big bunny and black doll.
More to come tomorrow...


  1. Love your shop. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. WE need to make a trip and visit your beautiful shop.

  2. How inticing! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your shop!!! You gals did an awesome job! I need a friend named "Debbie"!! I can't wait to get away, 'cause I'll be headed YOUR way! The salvaged building fronts are terrific! Thanks for sharing! Take care!