Wednesday, February 18, 2009


What a fun day at the shop! First of all, some new orders arrived and it feels just like Christmas when I open the boxes. I got the cutest little birdhouses, an awesome big birdhouse, and lots of Easter ornies for your trees. Next, I got another load of antiques from friend Debbie - she is just the best! (She is planning on bringing more next week too.) To top it off, my husband had the day off and helped me hang some things and put up a prim Easter tree. What would I do without him?! Debbie brought the most beautiful wooden trunk that came over on the Amerika cruise lines in the 1800's. Of course it sold the very first day.
I wanted you "shabby" gals to know that I also have some furniture for you too. Great old Hoosier top, tables, benches and more. You should see the vintage loveseat slipcover, it is adorable. There is also the most beautiful lamp with baby roses on the shade.
I will have more handmades in by this weekend. More bunnies, black dolls, stitcheries... So much fun to put them out and watch the shop come to life. Also, soy candles are on order and should be in by Friday or Monday.
Friend Connie and I are counting the days until we meet in Waynesville and go on the next buying trip. Can't wait!!! It will be so much fun to bring back great things for the shop, but it will also be fun to just catch up with my friend. We have a lot of exploring to do!
I will be posting things for sale very soon, so keep watching...

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