Friday, February 27, 2009


Happy Friday everyone! A few new goodies for you to see. Check out this prim potting shed sign hanging on the old pecan picker. $24.95

New flowers and herbs in our spring display. Various prices.

Desk and wrapping area. I love our old railroad depot windows!

I love this birdhouse. It looks just like something from the east coat. $69.95

Great little farm with animals. $24.95 The 4 pieces of fence is wonderful, it has green tips at the top of the picket. Would be a great display or save for the holidays to put around your tree. $34.95

New 3-pot planter on trellis. This would be so darn cute on a porch or in a kitchen or bathroom. $29.95

This is my favorite! White hanging post with 3 buckets for your flowers. I might have to bring one of these home! $29.95

Another cutie. White cracked hanging post topped with a sweet little bird. This planter has 6 smaller buckets. $29.95
Wow, this weather is something! I have to keep looking at the spring items in the shop so I can have a little hope! We are supposed to get close to zero again tonight. Can't wait to dig in the dirt and go to the nurseries.
Finally got my Mercantile Gathering's spring edition. It was so much fun to see Linda's house and Sally's store. I'm going to go on the hunt for the CS Home Tours tonight! Someone said they had them at Joann's (I need more material anyway).
Can't wait for tomorrow! I'm getting 2 really prim cupboards in. I love to get the old stuff, makes my heart skip a beat. They are both somewhat small, one is a chimney cupboard, but they are SO cute.
Got lots of ideas running around my brain, I hope to share more soon. Have a great Saturday! Only 20 days until Waynesville and Jailhouse Primitives...


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  2. P.S. Just looked through your it! N.C. is a 'fer' piece from MI...but at least I can enjoy through blog...Blessings...Barbara