Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What a great few days we had, but unfortunately, guess we have to prepare for more winter! I know a lot of you will have Monday off for President's Day. I am generally closed on Mondays, but I thought I'd stay open that day and give you all a chance to see our new goods. I went on a shopping trip this week and we got lots of new spring and prim wares. With Valentine's Day almost here and gone, are you ready to dig out your bunnies yet? I got some cuties! I'll keep the coffee pot on and maybe we can get acquainted.
Speaking of Valentine's Day, all of my Valentine merchandise is now 50% off. Good time to get a few cute things - even if you put them away for next year. I have lots of hearts for your doors, dish towels and more.
Don't forget that the Holly antique malls are still having their February sales. Also, Marta's Loft (a wonderful clothing store) is having 50% off all loungeware for the month of February.
I'm counting the days until the middle of March. I am meeting my friend, Connie, in Waynesville, OH (she moved to Tennessee) and we are going to the trade shows in Columbus, a really prim show in Indiana, and just plain exploring. What a fun way to catch up with my great friend! Can't wait to see what we find! It's always so much fun to bring back new merchandise to pass on to you.
Friend Debbie will be back soon with another load of antiques too. She always finds the best! She's been in North Carolina for a month, so I can't wait to see what she brings to the shop.
Hope I see a lot of you on Monday! What better way to spend a day off than exploring the quaint little village of Holly, especially Holly Hills Primitives!
Until next time...

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