Friday, February 20, 2009


This olde weed lady is carrying her bunch of Sweet Annie and a sweet little basket. Her skirt is from a vintage tablecloth, her coat has "penny" flowers, an old crocheted collar and sheep's wool hair. She stands 27" tall. $39.95

Custom scrapbooks made from vintage phonograph albums. These are a must for you scrappers - so unique. Fabulous when done up for someone special. $34.95

Edgar Rabbit And His Wares would love to come hang on one of your old cupboard doors this spring. He is dressed in wool pants and old quilt coat, carrying a handmade "basket" with eggs, carrots and a sprig of Sweet Annie. He measures 32" tall. $59.95

Tommy Tuxedo got his old grubby tux coat out of storage to go to the rabbit ball. He is on an antique spindle with eggs and Sweet Annie on the base. His whiskers are made out of old rusty wire. Tommy is holding a bunch of carrots and would look adorable on your prim table. Tommy is 34" tall. $59.95

Delbert The Doorman is such a prim doorhanger or shelf sitter. His pocket is made out of an old quilt and filled with eggs and carrots. $39.95

This cute little shelf sitter bunny has a side pocket filled with carrots and an egg. Would be great in a big basket! $29.95

Samplers, samplers, samplers... We have them all throughout the shop. Most 8 x 10's are priced at $29.95.

Henrietta Hen makedo is on a grubby candlestick. She has ripped strips for her "comb" and "tailfeathers". Only $24.95. The sweet little grubby spring chicks are nesting in zinc canning jar lids. They come with a rusty bell around their neck so they don't get lost. $9.95 each

Great, soft color window with 3 hooks has the Hollyhock Fairy verse stitched inside. Perfect for a kitchen or garden room. $59.95
Another productive day at the shop. Our soy candles were delivered and I met a lot of nice people. Next week will be wonderful! By midweek Debbie is bringing another load of antiques - lots of vintage garden and more! We will be getting more orders of spring goodies and lots more handmades. The handmades should include more bunnies, black dolls, unusual samplers, signs and who knows what else might show up? You'll just have to come see!
We have another granddaughter on the way in June and my daughter, Ashley, is busy with the nursery. I'll have to post pictures when she's finished, it is going to be fabulous and unusual!
I hope to have some prim home pictures sometime next week. This is going to be a really fun project for me. We have some wonderful homes lined up and then on to garden season...
We're supposed to be getting LOTS more snow this weekend. I know a lot of you have been so depressed about the cold and snow, but make the best of this and enjoy some home and family time. Put on a big pot of homemade soup, pour a cup of coffee and start a project you've been wanting to do.
Most of all, have a great weekend and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the items for sale. Until next time...


  1. Just love the look of your looks so inviting. Hoping you have a great weekend!



  2. Thanks! Hope you can come visit! We'll be having lots of surprises soon. Dawn

  3. Just found your blog...I have your blog on my blog as one that I like.
    Love your store! I will be checking in often to read your blog.