Monday, June 8, 2009


Whoo-hoo! Worked all day and got the new stuff in place and what a great change it made! I took out a cupboard I wasn't crazy about to make more room and it was so much fun to see the transformation! Thought I'd share my new pictures. MY VERY FAVORITE! This OLD pie safe is just awesome, different than anything I've ever seen. One door is solid and the other has the original old screen. Door open...
Door closed... $499.95

In second place is this beautiful mustard pie safe. These two pieces just made my heart pound when we found them! $399.95

Chippy blue motel chair, would be so cute in a garden! $20.00

This table is SO unique. It folds up from the middle. Very old and prim. I've never seen one of these either! $59.95
Cute little folding sewing table. $39.95

Oh so different! This is a soap advertising tote made from heavy cardboard. It is just adorable. $34.95
This old chippy white chair and little table would be another great garden accent. Chair - $15.00 Table - $15.00
Four matching chairs that are so sweet. They would be cute either in a kitchen or a dining room.
Front view of chairs. Set of four - $150.00
This old potatoe planter would be the cutest real planter on a porch or sunroom. Still has the advertising on the handles. $39.95

Love this double bed! This is another hard one to leave at the store.

Look at the beautiful finials. $195.00
Darling child's chair. Just right for the perfect prim doll. $39.95
This is an old bee smoker with the original bellows. Doesn't it look great with flowers? $19.95
There you have part one! I also got a great old white door, black shutters, green shutters and more. What a fun day putting it all back together. Can't wait for Friday when Terri brings in the handmades, it's always like Christmas when she comes in!
Our Abbey is here for dinner, so we're going to go grill burgers and finish up with strawberry shortcake. Have a great evening my friends!
Until tomorrow...


  1. Oh My!! What fabulous goodies you did a wonderful job of displaying them. My personal favorite would have to be the first pie safe with the screen door!! Would love to see them in person!!


  2. I love it all. I sure wish I was closer to come to your shop. I love the mustard cupboard and the sweet table with four chairs. You have such a nice touch in your shop. Have a good evening. *Sherie*

  3. I just love everything you bought - especially the first pie safe...if only you/we lived closer I'd be at your store constantly - it looks like you update your merchandise often.

    P.S. The flag came today and it looks just beautiful hanging off the back of my house with all the birdhouses and flowers on the bench in front of it.
    THANKS DAWN for sending it!
    Hugs, karen

  4. Oh yes... I can see why that stuff made your heart go pitter patter. I love the pie safes and those chairs are fabulous!!

    Hope you enjoy your week!

    ~ Lisa

  5. You sure hit the jackpot Dawn! love that first pie safe especially! Janet

  6. It all looks great!! I love the chippy white chair and table!! I found an old turquoise cabinet this weekend that I fell in love with but it had to have a little makeover, you will have to check my booth out over on my blog! Blessings, Janna

  7. I cannot read your blog anymore! I get so mad...I want to live close to you so I can come in and buy...I want that blue metal chair..I have a spot for it in my garden....Oh why can't you live near me!?!? I love everything!!! I hope you have a great week!

  8. OHHH...i LOVE everything...I'll be right down!!!!


  9. Dawn, your things you have recently listed are awesome. Your shop is looking amazing. I am so sorry to hear about your Father.... going through similar things with my mother in law, and I know what a heartbreak it is seeing this. I was planning on coming in today, Tuesday but if it doesn't work out, any other day this week works, too. I am literally 3 blocks away. Again your problems with your Father are in my thoughts, and of course family is first and foremeost! See you soon, I am sure. Carol

  10. OMG, Dawn! Great finds, great displays!!! I am so wanting to make a trip up there. Maybe as soon as baseball season is over for Ty..... if I can wait that long. Hope you and your dad are doing well.

  11. Hi Dawn....I'm sorry to hear that your Dad is back in the hospital, I hope he isn't in too much pain or discomfort. Janet

  12. Hi Dawn...can you see how GREEN with ENVY I am...!! You have to be jumping up and down with excitement with your new finds. Although they will not last long and you will have to "redo" all over again....hmmmmm - I think you do a lot of "redoing" !!! Will call today - Hugs, Judy