Friday, June 19, 2009


Wow! Was it ever hot and muggy here today! Tonight it finally started raining, storming really, but it broke the humidity. I played around at the shop today and changed a few things around in the front area - then Debbie came with a van load of great stuff! Moved the vintage patio set and patriotic goodies to the other side of the store.
This red and black chippy chair would look so cute in a garden with a big red geranium! $15.00

It's kind of hard to see this awesome burgandy prim table, but I just love it. $49.50 And the antique coffee grinder made into a light with the "Home Sweet Home" lampshade. $54.95

I really like this little mustard lamp with the burgandy homespun shade. $24.95
Another lamp, this one is an old schoolhouse with a navy check shade. $29.95

My favorite of the lights is this old mustard "house" that lights up. $19.95
We got quite a few new pictures, but here is one of my favorites. $29.95
This is a sweetie too. It has old jars and gingerbread. $29.95
Need a little side table next to a chair? This old green table is just perfect! $29.95
Can you believe this old pink prim table? It would be the perfect potting bench! $24.95
This wrought iron tea cart is just beautiful. It has places to put your potted plants (or wine bottles). $69.95
Oh yes, this old prim wheelboro would be the perfect garden accent with - of course - a red geranium. It has old screen on the sides and is probably handmade. $29.95
And, last but not least, is this old prim bench. Another porch or garden goodie! $29.95
SO - there's the line-up for today. The store is almost bursting at the seams just waiting for the customers to discover all the new prims. Next week - I hope - will be "doll week" with lots of new prim dolls in the shop. The ideas are swirling, now just to get the time to get them together!
Hope to see some of you soon, and for you gals that live far away, I will be happy to ship anything you might have your eye on (except for the heavy furniture).
Have a great Saturday and enjoy SUMMER!
Until next time...


  1. What an awesome collection of stuff. I LOVE the tea cart ~ Didn't Deb say she was looking for one of those? I'll bet she or someone else, will snatch that up in a hurry! Great displays as always, Dawn!

  2. You sure do have a nice selection of great stuff Dawn!....have a busy Saturday! Janet

  3. OH how I wish I lived near you! I have the perfect place for that bench in my garden! Been trying to get hubby to make one for me, but I've 'bout given up! You have some great goodies there...and great prices, to boot! ~~Annie

  4. Hi Dawn....great pics of your store....I really want to come shopping! Gannon is a handsome! Glad you had a nice time with your Dad !! Every moment is precious and I do believe "inside" he remembers! Love, Judy

  5. Dawn - I think I'm in love with the tea cart! I'll have to make a trip up there Monday or Tuesday and take a look at it (if no one has bought it), but I think it's a winner. It definitely reminds me of the one my grandmother had.

  6. Yep, my mom had one of those tea carts for her plants, I think she got it with green stamps:)

    Love the screened wheel barrow and the mustard lamp!
    Have a great selling day!

  7. Hi Dawn,
    I just love looking at all the photos of items in your shop. I so hope that we get to take our trip to MI later in the that I can see all your shop goodies in person.
    We had some storms overnight last night..sure made it hard to sleep with all the thunder and lightening!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend.
    hugs, Cindy

  8. I love everything in your shop! I am sure I could spend hours in there!!

  9. Oh Dawn, I hope you get the woo hoo call soon! Poor Ashley!! I hope she goes soon!! I keep thinking of you and wondering if anything is happening!!!

    hugs, Linda

    PS As you already know, the woo hoo after the baby comes is even better!! WOO HOO!!

  10. Shop looks great. wish I was closer so I could shop with you. Good to hear that things went well for Father's Day. My mom is in a Nursing Home so I do know what you are going through. Just stay involved in your Dad's life and his care there and he will be okay. We try to make memories everyday. Have a good week and please enter me in your give-a-way. Thanks for sharing! Sherrie