Tuesday, June 23, 2009


WOOOO HOOOO!!! My turn! What a day we had yesterday! First, we had to go pick up our new "blow-up" pool so Papa and Abbey could get that filled with air and water. THEN Ashley called and they were on their way to the hospital! FINALLY!!!
We gave them a chance to get checked in and situated before we took off. (Abbey had to have at least one swim!) Found their car and took this picture in the expecting parent's parking lot.
We had quite a wait for everything to get going. Kim and Chad were there with us and Abbey brought some books to read to everyone. It got later and later and later, so Papa took Abbey to our house so she could get some rest. (They even had a little swim before bedtime.) At last Tony came down the hall and said she was here!
Introducing Lucianna (Lucy) Kimberly Surre. She is 8 lb. 15 oz, 21 1/2" long and has RED hair!!!
What a little dolly!
I could hardly wait to get my hands on her and snuggle her right up! There is truly no feeling in the world like it - my own little granddaughter (again).
Ashley will hate me for this picture, but I think she looks beautiful for having a baby only one hour before. She is such a great mom and Lucy is a lucky little girl.
Aunt Kim (guess where the Kimberly part came from) had to get a few snuggles too. She didn't know Ashley was going to name her after her until last night. Pretty emotional time.
Proud Uncle Chad finally got his turn. (Then he took LOTS of pictures.) Abbey and Lucy are both SO lucky to have these two for an aunt and uncle! They taught Abbey to ski at 2 years old - now it will be Lucy's turn!
I just had to get another turn so I could look her all over. I'll never get enough!
This morning Abbey was READY TO ROLL with her new t-shirt and all. Time to go meet her new sister.
It was love at first sight! She has already helped change a diaper and wants to hold her by the hour.
Great-grandma loves to rock babies more than anything else. It was so late last night that she had to wait until this morning. Sure do wish Dad could have been there too.
Tony, the proud dad, is fascinated by his new daughter. He did a great job helping Ashley get through labor and delivery and his new journey is also about to begin.
Congratulations to Ashley, Tony and Abbey! (And thanks for another beautiful granddaughter.)
Tonight is Dick's turn to see Lucy. I felt so bad that he had to leave last night, but he didn't mind taking Abbey with him - they are so close.
So Linda (Behind My Red Door), maybe these little girls with such similar names will have a chance to meet one day! (and the Grammy's too!)
Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway. Again, the drawing will be on Friday! Have a great evening - I sure will!
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  1. Congratulations on the birth of your new granddaughter! What a cutie!

  2. Wooo hoo!! Lucy is a doll!! Second cutest baby I have seen this week! I love seeing you holding her. I can feel the love between you two.

    Love Abbey's t-shirt. Smart girl to get a swim in and make the wait shorter.

    Wouldn't that be something is our girls could meet! That would be a woohoo moment for sure.

    COngrats to your whole family. Enjoy this very special time.

    hugs, Linda

  3. I'm loving all these Wooo Hooos!! Congratulations! Lots a babies around and she's definitely another cutie! How special for you all! ~~Annie

  4. Yeah for grammy! Lucy is just beautiful & wow, she was a big girl. You all look so happy. Please congratulate the happy couple. Don't you just love babies??

  5. She's beautiful Dawn!....CONGRATULATIONS!! Janet

  6. Oh Dawn....she is absolutely perfect...I love her name - sending lots of hugs and kisses to everyone!! I have 9 gransons and 2 princesses - I love the boys...I do...but those little girls...steal my heart!!! I am so excited for you - your emotions have to be all over the place....hope you have time to take a deep breath! XOXO, Judy

  7. Congratulations to all of you!! What a precious precious baby! Can't wait to see pictures of her and that red hair!! :)

  8. wow....what a cutie...congrats to all of you...you won't have any problems spoiling this little one will you dawn....i love newborns and i too could sit and hold them for ever....they are such little miricles...i am so happy for you granny dawn...tell ashley she did good...

  9. Congradulations on the precious new grandaughter!!She's beautiful!

  10. Dawn...congratulations to you and your family. Lucy is a beauty, and it is obvious she is well loved. Also, Great-grandma is a woman after my own heart- nothing like rocking those wee ones whenever you get a chance!

    God Bless


  11. Hi Grammy Dawn,
    So glad to hear the she finally arrived!!...and she is so beautiful!! Congrats to your whole family!!

  12. Congratulations on your new granddaughter Dawn! I love her name! Have a wonderful day:-)

  13. Congrats to all of you...such wonderful pictures you shared. She is so sweet and I love Abby's Tshirt too:)
    What an exciting time for you all!!!

  14. Woo Hoo Dawn! Congratulations to you and a huge congratulations to Ashley! What a beautiful new arrival!!! And tell Ashley not to get mad at you for the picture - she looks wonderful!

  15. Congratulations, Dawn! What a beauty Lucy is - just like her big sister! It brought a tear to my eye when you said how emotional it was when Kim found out Lucy was being named after her. How sweet is that? You are such a beautiful grandmother and I know your grandkids adore you!Congratulations To Ashley and Tony and Abbey - they are a beautiful family! Two, sweet girls ~ how grand!!!

  16. The new little one is adorable!!! I love the pool. I usually get one of those every year... I nestle it right into my back yard where the neighbors can't see it ( I am sure they would flip). I can float for hours in that thing and tan!! Me and my hubby act like it is the real deal, then at the end of summer out for trash pick up it goes. I have been so busy this year that I just mentioned yesterday that I wanted to go grab one. Thanks for the reminder!! Tootles,Janna

  17. Awwwwwwwh Lucy is so pretty! I love her name....Congrats Grammy and Congrats to that very pretty big sis of her's too... :)
    Enjoy you little bundle of Joy!!


  18. Oh, I sure am thrilled for you!
    What a lil' sweetie Lucy is!
    I'm glad everyone is doing well!
    Congrats to you and your family on her arrival!


  19. Oh what a cutie. My son Tony is going to be a daddy again in Oct. We are so excited for him and DIL. It has been 15 yrs, SURPRISE!! I can't wait.
    Love the photos and thanks for sharing your story.
    I also want to congrat you on 100th post.
    God bless