Tuesday, June 16, 2009


As most of you know, things have been a little hectic around here for a few weeks since my dad had his stroke. We are starting to settle into a visitation routine since he is in the nursing home. I had visions of new gardens this year, but somehow they just don't seem as important now. BUT, yesterday I decided I wanted to play in the dirt for awhile and went to our local herb farm and bought a few plants. It felt so good to be out in the sunshine pulling weeds and planting the few things that I bought.I love this little old tin lid (made into a sign) that hangs on our front porch trellis. How true it is!
I started digging this area up awhile ago to make a "campfire" area - still hope to get that done this summer. I did buy some cone flowers yesterday and planted a few along the fence.
When my friend Debbie moved, she gave me this old twig chair. My next goal is to find a potted plant to set on it.

I just love Yarrow, it adds such a little burst of color!
This is the area I started digging for my new garden, but I think it's going to get grass seed again for this year. At least I have this pretty row of perrenials. Can't wait for the big lillys to blossom.
One of my favorite outdoor containers is this old chicken feeder. Dick drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and one end holds my rosemary. I originally went to the herb farm to look for Sweet Annie plants. They didn't have any in the greenhouse, but they did dig up these three little pots for me to plant soon. Can't wait to have my own crop!!
Aren't these old bug sprayers a riot? I love the color they add to the back porch.
This is another old tin lid made into a sign. (Maybe an idea for some of you crafty gals out there?)

My Mother's Day plant from Chad and Kim. I've got to get some wire to hang it in the spot I want. I LOVE geraniums! I bought this old wagon at a garage sale years ago for $3!
I also planted some Morning Glorys, Baby's Breath and Hollyhocks yesterday. There is just something about the old fashioned flowers, maybe it reminds me of my Grandma's garden, she was so special to me. Anyway, it was a great stress reliever to just be out in the sunshine having mindless fun. (I should have been sewing, but - oh well!)
I have to tell you a special little story. My Abbey (6 years old) went with Mom and I to visit Dad last evening. He absolutely adores her and was so happy that she came. (He doesn't remember that she was there the night before with my husband.) The nursing home has a very nice day room just past Dad's room, so we use that whenever we go visit. The nurses brought in his tray for dinner and Abbey said, "It's my turn to help Great-Grandpa." She fed him his whole dinner and then decided we should take him out to the courtyard in the sunshine for awhile. She pushed that wheelchair all the way out there and back. While we were in the courtyard, she pushed him all the way around so he could see all the flowers and water fountain. I had to give them each a penny so they could both make a wish in the fountain - neither would tell me their wish. She is truly an amazing little girl and I feel so fortunate that she's my granddaughter!
Well, today is the day that Terri is supposed to bring me all the new goodies. I get so excited to see what she brings - it truly is like Christmas. I hope to have lots of new things to share with you tomorrow.
Guess I better get my day going. I have to take Mom to see an attorney before I open the shop, so it will be a very busy day in Holly! (But at least the sun is shining!)
Until next time...


  1. I got all teary reading about Abbey. What a compassionate little girl she is. Wonderful story Dawn!!

    I love all your outdoor decor. What stories some of the pieces could tell huh? The bug sprayers are the best!!

    hugs, Linda

  2. What a sweetheart your little Abbey is....and your gardens look so charming!....I told husband that I want a forsythia planted in a corner of the back yard so I can have the yellow flowers next spring so we'll see if I can get him to make a scape back there for me to put some decorations in....have a busy but good day Dawn! Janet

  3. Dawn,
    Your little Abbey is an angel, what a sweet story. I love all of your garden art & I'm always on the lookout for prim yard & garden "junk", LOL. Love your flowers & your old chicken coop. I am trying to grow yarrow & sweet annie this year, too, to dry my own. I use so much sweet annie that it gets expensive. Have a wonderful day in sunny Michigan ~ finally~

  4. Good morning Dawn. What an enjoyable post. YOur little Abbey sounds like such as sweetheart.

    Love all your flowers around your hard...i especially love the line of perennials you have going down through the yard..that looks so neat. I also LOVE the chicken feeder! You've got some great old finds there!

    Have a wonderful day

  5. Abbey sounds like a very wise (and adorable) child. Loved the story. And those garden pix, very inspiring. Especially the "Flowers feeds the Soul" sign. I always tell myself that when I''m splurging on more of them! Becky