Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Evenin' gals. As I promised, got lots of pictures of Terri's latest goodies. She informed me that this will probably be the last batch of mice for awhile - gettin' kind of tired of making them! She is on to bigger things - with Halloween to follow! There's a few antiques mixed in, but hope you enjoy. Wow - a big vintage 48 star flag - just in time for the 4th of July! $49.95
This is an OLD glass kerosene carrier. Very unusual and cool. $49.95
Such a sweet little vintage dress with smocking and tiny little buttons. $19.95

Okay you aqua gals. This little child's rocker has aqua over mustard and is cute as can be. $39.95
Remember playing "store"? A Tom Thumb cash register in great condition. $29.95
Handmade stocking with a sunflower at the top...
and a mouse coming out the toe! $16.95
What a cute piece to put on an old cupboard or Hoosier. This is an old grinder with a mouse nest inside! $19.95
Another cute kitchen gadget (I think a zester) with a carrot and a mouse. $14.95
How about these old spice cans with a mouse on top? $12.95

LOVE these watermelon on a spring with - of course - a mouse! $19.95
How about the old grater with watermelon and a mouse? $14.95
These little mice are on a slice of watermelon with a rusty, curly wire to hang by. $12.95
These Annies on the old bobbins are just adorable. $16.95
This little mouse chewed the pocket right off a pair of jeans! $12.95
Sheep and a star on a long stick. Great to poke in your plants! $9.95
Several different stars on an old rusty spring. $16.95
This star even has a mouse peeking over the top. $16.95
Well gals, that's the newest lineup from Terri, but just wait until you see what she brings in next!!!
Don't forget that the Holly sidewalk sales will be July 18 and we are going to put LOTS of things on sale to make room for fall and Halloween. I can't believe that we are even talking about it this early, but it should be out by the beginning of August.
I'm so darned excited! Our Gannon (oldest grandson - 11) is coming to spend the night tonight. He hasn't been over for quite awhile and I'm SO looking forward to spending some time together. He is going to help me at the shop tomorrow and we'll probably have to sneak in a burger and ice cream from Carrie's Delights! Isn't there just something special about that first grandchild? (or two, three, four, five, six, and now almost seven) Gan has always loved to create with me and he just loves to hang out at the shop. Last year he made some signs for me and ran the lemonade stand with Abbey. He will always be "my first best boy"!
It's been RAINING hard for most of the day and I think a lot of the customers must have been afraid to get their hair wet! Kind of a slow day around town. My sister-in-law, Judi, came out and had lunch with me and we got a chance to catch up. Abbey went in with me this morning and helped get all of Terri's things put out and priced. What would I do without such "helpful" grandchildren?
Hope you all have a wonderful evening!
Until next time...


  1. Awwww - my Jay had the kind of relationship with my mom - still does. He is still her first best and ONLY boy grandchild. And now he will be having one of his own - if she ever gets here! LOL

    Please send me an email when you know anything for sure!

    hugs, Linda

  2. Great stuff Dawn!....Terri must have the busiest hands in town! LOL....the cash register reminds me of my youngest son, when he was little he was obsessed with the scanner at the grocery store and for Christmas one year we got him a Fisher Price grocery store set up complete with the cash register and the little pretend scanner that used a battery to make the beep sound, he played with that for a long long time....and you know what he does for a living now?....he's nineteen and a grocery checker!!....oh man when he got that job I told him I was going to go in there with a camera to take a picture of him scanning groceries but he made me promise not to, poo! LOL! Janet

  3. The cash register brought back sweet memories for me, my oldest, Michele was in the hospital when she was five right before Christmas. She had told me she wanted a cash register for Christmas...well Santa made the rounds on the children's floor and while in Michele's room he came to her bed and pulled out a cash register just like the one you have pictured, you should have seen our faces.LOL Such a sweet Christmas miracle:)

  4. Lots of primtastic items Terri brought in. I can't believe you are talking about Halloween already, but I will be starting on fall items as soon as the 4th of July is over. June is half gone & where's summer? We didn't get the rain here today & we sure could use some. I hope your dad is OK. Grandchildren are certainly God's gifts to us, aren't they?? Have a great evening.

  5. Hi Dawn,
    I'm just now catching up on your last 3 posts...I've been so busy with watching Josie and filling orders that I haven't been on-line that much lately.
    Terri sure brought in some wonderful items...I love the little mice!! A friend of mine made me a mouse on a little sled for Christmas last year...they are just too darn cute!!!
    Aren't grandchildren just the greatest gift! They will have these memories of helping you that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Josie loves to help me with the things that I make and she loves to come help me at my shows.
    I do hope that your dad is doing alright. You all are still in my prayers.
    hugs, Cindy