Sunday, June 7, 2009


What a fun Saturday! Our little town was hopping when I went to open the shop. Venders were setting up tables and hauling in antiques everywhere. People started coming in the shop before I could even get the lights turned on! HOORAY!!! I finished up 2 Uncle Sam dolls on Friday night and one of them was the first thing that sold - so I guess it was worth setting up late after all.
This is Battle Alley, just around the corner from my shop. Such a cute little street where a lot of festivals are held. This is the end of the street by the railroad tracks.

Our main street...

the other side of the main street.
My friend, Bonnie, came to help me out, so I was able to go poke around a little bit and found some good treasures. Couldn't be gone long because we were BUSY! I ended up selling a few pieces of furniture and lots of smalls. It was great to see the town alive and lots of people out and about.
Today was a FUN day too. Dick went with me to pick up another load of antiques and we got some fabulous finds. Just wait until I get them cleaned up and pictures for you to see! I got TWO wonderful old pie safes, one is totally different than anything I have ever seen. I got 4 beautiful kitchen chairs, a sewing table, another folding table, a motel chair, children's desk and 2 chairs and more!!! What a jackpot!
Oh, I also got an old, vintage tandem bicycle that is so cute. I ended up taking it to Chad and Kim and they loved it. Chad sells HIGH end bikes and he just loved it! (He rides about 35 miles every morning before he goes to work!)
Our friend Terry will be bringing about 100 new handmades by the end of the week! She has been working like crazy. She also sent in a beautiful old double bed with pinapple finials, a windsor chair that we sold, some old black shutters and a darling child's chair. She is also working on the most unusual stepping stones for gardens. I am SO thankful that she walked into the shop and wanted to sell her wares in MY store!!! I am so lucky! I also got to see her house the other night and it is fabulous. I'm hoping she will let me do a home tour on here soon. It is so unusual and wonderful. Very artsy prim!
Well girls, time to go settle in and watch a movie with my hubby. Have a great day and I hope to get some things scrubbed up and pictures taken tomorrow.
Until then...


  1. Dawn this looks like a huge show!
    Glad you found some great goodies too.
    Can't wait for photos.

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Looks like it was a good antique show. So glad to hear you were busy and that people came out! Can't wait to see what Terri is bringing for your shop!

  3. Dawn ~
    Looks like so much fun. I'm so glad you were busy. Have a great week.

  4. Oh what fun that looks like! I wish we had something like that here. Can't wait to see all the new goodies you got to sell especially the pie safe. Sounds intriguing!

    hugs, Linda

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  6. I can't wait to see the finds all set up:) so happy that you had a great day looks like it was alot of fun:)

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  8. i wish i was there dawn...i love your little town....will be back to see you one of these days...glad you were busy and sold some big pieces is always nice to see your own handmades sell day was fun too...and yesterday sue and i went up to earlenes and had a great day too...i took lots of new pictures to share...have a good week...hope your dad has a good week too!!!!

  9. I wish I had made the show, but had too many things going on. I normally LOVE going. I am planning on stopping in to see you this week regarding wholesale, workshops, etc. See you then!