Sunday, June 14, 2009


What a beautiful Michigan day! While I was at the shop, I couldn't help but look around and feel so lucky that I live in such a quaint little town. Thought maybe some of you might like to come along and join me on my tour. This is Little Orphan Annie and she will be your guide today. She is the "town" cat and I feed her every day in the stairway next to my building. Sure wish someone would adopt her (and her soon to be kittens).
First stop on our tour is the Hadley House Museum. Such a grand old house to be selected to be the keeper of the history of Holly.
Maybe you would like to stay at Crossings Bed and Breakfast. We are lucky enough to have this bed and breakfast within walking distance to town. Wouldn't you love to be sitting on the porches? Annie would love to keep you company.

Hungry yet? Carrie's Delights has the best hamburgers in town (plus many other goodies) and WONDERFUL ICE CREAM! This is a must on your walk around the village. Annie will follow you anywhere for a drip of ice cream!

Bittersweet Cafe is another great eatery. They serve unique sandwiches, salads, soups, deserts... (And you can even dine outside behind the restaurant.)
If you want something a little more upscale, than the historic Holly Hotel is for you. Besides fine dining, they also have an afternoon tea and an evening comedy club. The Hotel is done in true Victorian style and is just beautiful - especially at Christmas!
Now let the shopping begin! First stop just has to be Holly Hills Primitives! Since I have enticed you enough to get you to Holly, I at least want to meet you! We are the only primitive shop in town. Please come by to say "hello".
Now onto the antique malls! Arcade Antiques is a wonderful experience. The inside is done much like a little village, with architectural pieces from around our town. You'll love the sound of your feet on the old log floors. Their dealers are such nice people and you'll just love Pat (the owner). This building was originally a theatre and a casket factory! It is truly a must see.
Main Street Antiques is across the street from me and BIG with an upstairs and all! You'll love this one too. This building was originally McKaye's Hardware and very nostolgic! Lynn will be happy to help you.
Then, down around the corner is the Watertower Antiques Mall (both buildings with a building connecting them). Fun, fun, fun. Just ask for Bill when you come to visit.

Pigeon In The Parlour is a two-story, unique, home decor shop. Very beautiful.
Lamplighter is another beautiful home decor shop and tends to lean more Victorian. Bev (the owner) is wonderful.

Our newest shop is My Sweet Holly and caters to the Shabby Chic group. Kathy is full of energy and will do very well here.
Cottage Antiques is another shop that caters to the "white furniture" crowd.
Another new store is the Holly Candle Shoppe.
They specialize in their own soy candles - made right at the shop!
On the corner oppostive from me is the frame shop, which also sells gifts and prints.
How about clothing? Creative Fashion has beautiful clothing and accessories and Jeannie is a big help!
Marta's Loft is another wonderful clothing shop. Such unique items! Be sure to tell Marta that Dawn sent you.
In the mood for a manicure, pedicure or massage? Our day spa gets rave reviews!
Before the day is done, you might want to try a little Yoga at Ethos.
Those are the highlights of the town, but we also have lots more. You could do a little slot-car racing, look for some furniture at Winglemire's Furniture Store, see the train museum, have a little Italian dinner at the Red Devil, play a little golf at Heather Highlands and more. Annie and I hope you enjoyed your little tour and that you will come visit whenever you get the chance!
Until next time...


  1. Great tour Dawn! husband is a slot car racer so he'd actually have something to do there while I'm shopping! LOL Janet

  2. OMG! I SO want to visit! Don't be surprised to see me walk in your shop one day! Give me a tank of gas and a bowl of cherries and I'll hit the road in a heartbeat! Thanks for sharing -- I truly enjoyed it! ~~Annie

  3. Looks like I need to make a road trip soon !!!

    Thanks for sharing !!!


  4. What a wonderful town you live in Dawn!! So many neat little stores and the old architecture - just great!!

    I think it is going to be a race to see who shouts WOO HOO the soonest!! I hope your wait ends soon too!

    hugs, Linda

  5. Wish I lived there...just great stores and loved the b&b:)

  6. Dawn what a great idea to feature Holly! We both know how much it has to offer. I sure hope Annie finds a kind soul to take her in permanently. While walking through town my 2 daughers saw an identical cat inside a store window basking in the sun, are you sure she doesn't belong to a neighboring shop? I'll see you soon, one day this week! Carol

  7. Hi Dawn,
    What a charming town Holly is!! It reminds me alot of Waynesville when I lived there...I love the feeling of towns like these. Just makes you want to stay and visit for a while.

  8. This was a fun and interesting tour Dawn...thank you so much.
    You should be (and are) proud of your town and rightly so.


  9. I'll find a time on Thursday or Friday to come on over... my email is Have a great day! Carol

  10. Dawn you are so lucky to have such a wonderful town to have your store in.. Reminds of me of yesteryear - quaint, friendly and REAL...XO, Judy

  11. I love your store front! I wish I had large display windows in mine. The town of Holly is so cute. I wish I lived closer also. Thanks for joining my blog! I love all your primitives!