Thursday, June 4, 2009


I was so excited this morning when I got to the store to put our new furniture in place! But I am really sore!!! This stuff is heavy. Going back to pick up more on Sunday or Monday! I LOVE this new Hoosier we got! It is in such nice shape, has the pull-out bread board, zinc top, bread drawer, silverware drawer... What a great addition to the shop - even though I hope it isn't here long. $495.00
How about this cute little child's desk and chair?? This would be adorable for Grandma's house. $49.95

This trunk is a real beauty with key included. The picture does not do it justice! Black metal with oak trim. $89.95
And last, but not least, is the OLD PRIM buffet which has already SOLD!! A gal bought it to use in her bathroom for her two painted sinks. Won't it look great? I love these kind of deals! One day turnover!!!
I hope to get in an old prim walnut cupboard, some prim outdoor furniture, and lots more goodies. More handmades will be on the way too. I'm going to try to finish up 2 Uncle Sams tonight and then on to some other dolls. Just haven't had an extra minute lately, but I have to get a few things finished up!
My Abbey is spending the night tonight. We've been really lonely for each other, so tonight is movie and popcorn night. She lights up my life!
Well girls, have a great evening and I hope to see some of you at the antique show in downtown Holly on Saturday!
Until next time...


  1. Dawn ~
    I love it all but the hoosier is my fave. Lots of great stuff you shared today. Have a wonderful evening, my friend.

  2. Hi Dawn!....LOVE that prim buffet, I can see why someone would snatch that up so quickly....have a wonderful evening with your dear sweet girl. Janet

  3. wow....i dont know where you get all your energy....girl you better slow are making me feel old...i cant keep up with you...hehe...i am doing a show down in quincy this saturday...i loaded the truck up tonight....i have lots to do tomorrow to get i had two folding chairs come crashing down on both my feet from the back of the truck..ouch!!!!i am still hurting...i have big knots and lots of black and blue on the tops of both feet....i will be walking around slowly tomorrow...wish me luck...i know you will hve a great turnout this weekend...happy selling

  4. Hi Dawn,
    You & Abbey sound just like Josie & I...we have movie and popcorn night when she comes to stay the night.
    Love the hoosier cabinet that you got in. I've always wanted one, but have no room in my kitchen or dining room to put one.
    Have a great weekend and Happy Selling with the antique show going on!!
    hugs, Cindy

  5. Oh Dawn, what fantastic prims you got in!!! I love the hoosier, looks alot older then mine, yours is in such perfect shape too! I'm sure that will sell right away!

    The trunk is great great condition too and I so want those suitcases on top of the prim buffet!

    Have a great time tomorrow...someday I'm heading up your way:)

  6. I so wish your shop was in my town!
    I would love that Hoosier! Don't know where I would put it right now, but that has never stopped me before! LOL
    Good Luck with your sale and have a great weekend!

  7. Thank you for the comment at my blog, and for the compliment on my work. I have just learned the art of soldering pendants, so my skill is not quite there yet, but my friend who taught me (another Holly-ite) has been looking for ways to sell her "wares"... she does great work on making these charms/pendants. Let me know if you are interested in that! Carol

  8. Oh what eye Candy!! What a great piece to make into a vanity too- someone has great taste.

    Enjoy your time with Abbey!!

    hugs, Linda

  9. Dawn, Yes I do teach workshops, and have really enjoyed doing some at Heavenly Scents in Fenton, and will be doing some more this fall. I would LOVE to do more and would appreciate the chance to talk with you about it. Almost anything on my blog or in my Etsy shop can be taught, with a few exceptions. I especially love teaching gift tags and altered journals. But take a look and feel free to email me at Thanks Dawn! Have a great day and good luck with the big antique sale downtown tomorrow! Carol

  10. Hi Dawn - Had a great time at your shop today. I knew that I would just have to buy something. I'll tell you, I love the hen so much that I am sooo tempted to keep it for myself, but I think that it's going to look wonderful in my sister's place. You got a lot of nice things in - I really wish that I could find room for so much of it! I'll be back soon (don't tell my husband though - LOL).

  11. Hi Dawn,
    You ask me how old Josie was...she just turned 9 years old at the beginning of May. Josie loves to help me craft also. She'll call me and ask if she can come over because she needs her grandma fix! Too cute!! lol... Now that school is out for the summer, I will watch her 1 to 2 days a week when her daddy is on duty at the firehouse.

    We are thinking seriously about a trip to MI for our 30th anniversary which is Sept 1st, but we might make the trip before that because of my craft show season starting up in Sept. I'll keep you posted.
    hugs, Cindy

  12. Came across your "peace of heaven" while attending the Antiques Sale today (6/6/09). It is just awesome. It is a bit out of the way but I plan on coming back again and again. Thank you. LuAnn

  13. I love the Hotel sign!! Very Unique, Janna