Monday, July 13, 2009


Good evening everyone out there in blogland. We're back from a much needed getaway to The Little House (our northern Michigan cottage). What a wonderful, peaceful weekend we had! Our friends Kenny and Debbie were at their cottage too, so we were able to celebrate both of their birthdays with them. How old are you Debbie??? I spent some time assessing everything up there and deciding what different pieces we are going to switch out. Can't wait for next time.
Last Friday, Terri dropped off LOTS of boxes of new wares - but most of them will be a surprise when we make the switch to fall. I'm getting so excited to do that too! I might show you a sneak peak this week just as a little tease! She did bring in a box filled with packets of labels. Oh so fun! You get 8 different sizes in a packages for $4.95.
She also brought in these old crow surprises. One is a wooden pantry box, one is a vintage chip can and one is a small box.

But my favorites were these black spindle angels! Oh I want one for me! They would look so darn cute on a porch or garden fence! This one is made from an old black spindle with sticks for arms,

and this one is made from an old black spindle with vintage molding for arms. They are $29.95 each.
Terri has more and more ready to bring into the shop - can't wait to see what's next!
We will also be having lots of handmade fall/halloween dolls. The sewing machines have been smokin'! (And I'll be sharing pictures soon.)
For all you gals that live within driving distance, the Holly Sidewalk Sale is this Saturday (July 18) and you will be able to save on lots of great merchandise all through the town.
On July 31 I am hosting (along with My Sweet Holly) an evening p.j. party. Lots of the other shops are going to get in on the action. There will be discounts to those that wear their p.j.'s and prizes for the most outragious! Should be lots of fun and the hours will be from 5-9 p.m. Stay tuned for more details.
Well gals, back to the sewing machine. I miss The Little House already!
Until next time...


  1. Hi Dawn....yep it'll be time to decorate for Autumn before we know it!....glad you were able to get away to your cottage! Janet

  2. Hi Dawn,
    What a great idea with the labels in a package! Those will really sell and I love the spindle angles too:)

  3. Good morning Dawn. So glad you had a wonderful and relaxing trip.

    Love these items..especially the labels.

    Have a wonderful day :)

  4. I know what you mean about having to come back to reality, and leaving our places behind! Hubby intended on looking you guys up while there this weekend but never got the chance. Maybe next time. I think I will swing by this week to see you at the shop :) . I have some goodies, too!

  5. Wow Dawn - Great things! I wish I could get up there this weekend, but I've got a Sampler Guild class. I could see one of those Angels hanging from Terri's fence though. BTW, washed up the tea cart this weekend and I am loving it so much. DH wanted to sand blast and paint it. I told him to leave well enough alone - it fits right in with his grandmother's dining room furniture! Isn't this weather something else - do like the cool nights though.

  6. Hi Dawn :)

    A PJ party?! How fun would that be??!! Have a great time :)


  7. Hi Dawn,
    Love the items with the crow labels!!...great idea for Terri to have labels packaged up to sell. Cute spindle angels!!
    Isn't it funny how we have to think "Fall" when it is still very much summer...this is about the time that I have to start making fall/halloween items for my shows.
    The PJ party sounds like fun...there have been some shops around that have had them, but I have not been brave enough to go in my PJ's!!

  8. What fun to be able to see all the new things coming into the shop. And to get to decorate for fall - oh my - I am so jealous! LOL

    I so wish I was close enough to join in the PJ party. Have lots of fun!!

    hugs, Linda