Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Happy Wednesday evening prim friends. What a great day!!! Debbie came out and spent the day with me, had lunch, helped stuff dolls, moved some things around and just spent time catching up. THEN Merrie from Where The Black Birds Sing blog and her friend Sue came to shop. It was so great to meet them both and we had lots of fun. Me and Merrie in the back and Sue in front. Merrie bought the sign we are holding plus a great old harvest table. Sue got a set of chairs, a Hoosier and some smalls. Hope they come back soon, such sweet gals!

New wooden box/trunk. So cute! Can't wait to use it for our fall displays - if it's not sold. $39.95
Debbie came up with the BEST idea! Remember those "caps" I have for the columns. We put them around the shop as bases under different things. I can just see them under a big pillar candle! One already sold today. (Great idea Debbie!)

We have several different styles. From 14.95 to 16.95

Tonight was car cruise night in town. The D.J. and judges are right across the street from the shop so I get to hear all the great oldies!
The town was packed with cars tonight and tons of people as the evening went on.
I thought this was so cute - check out the little trailer!

This car belongs to my son's friend. He is a veterinarian that makes house calls and uses this car for that! It even has 4-wheel drive for the Michigan winters.
All in all it was a great day. I did a lot of business, my hubby came after work and we went for a burger, and people were actually thanking me for staying open for cruise night (a lot of shops close). Lots of furniture will be gone soon - so much is in layaway - and you won't believe the new look we are planning and LOTS of new merchandise.
Thanks for visiting!! Until next time...


  1. Gosh how I wish I lived nearby..we would have such a great time!!

    Love the car and how neat that he makes veterinary house calls in it!!! Fantastic!

    Have a great day :)

  2. It was a greaty night for a car cruise! Next time I might walk into town to visit you.

  3. Dawn what an ADORABLE little cottage! We are both so lucky to have found such special places to getaway from it all (or almost all). Thanks for sharing the info on how to see it. I would be THRILLED to let you do a virtual home tour. Anytime you wwant to do it, jusst holler. Jusst give me a day or so notice so I can clean it up!! Thanks again, Carol

  4. You live in the neatest town!! So much fun!!

    How sweet to meet some new blogging friends too.

    I hope today is being good to you! hugs, Linda

  5. hey dawn....i think i am putting my next trip on i will be around for your visit...just let me know.....i love your town....our town is dead....they have things that no one goes our yankee doodle days...i dont think anyone goes to that one except the people who put it on....hehe...they do have art on the island that used to be real its just soso....but that is the first saturday in august...i think i will wait until sept for my fall....and have an open house....but then things can never know with me...hehe

  6. Hi Dawn,
    How wonderful to get to meet Merrie and her friend Sue. The car cruise looked like a lot of fun.
    Loved the dolls you showed on your last post. Are those some that you made?
    Have a great weekend.