Friday, July 31, 2009


Well girls, I promised you pictures, so here we go! The P.J. Party wasn't much of an event, but we still have Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Holly tomorrow night. I had a lot more business in the morning than we did at night! Oh well, live and learn. Have to keep trying! This is me and Cathy from My Sweet Holly that helped me host the event.
Janie from Zanie Janies Coffees. She set up a taste table in our shop and we are hoping she will open a coffee shop next door soon. What a great gal!
Dennis and Laura from Carrie's Delights!

Owner of Pigeon In The Parlour.
Dennis from Carrie's Delights at our shop in his p.j.'s and robe!
Grandson Gannon giving Dennis the prize for the best p.j.'s of the night.

Now on to some of the goodies. New witch.
Great witch hat - by Terri.
Love this old shoe with the witch - also by Terri.
Black pumpkin/acorn gal. She has an acorn hat and pinkeep.
Crowtilda - pumpkin girl with her crow. Also lots of Halloween necklaces by Kari.
Pumpkin guy and his cat - sold first thing this morning.
Oh my gosh, he lost his head!
My favorites! Rosemary and Thyme done on old bobbins.
Lots of cat goodies. How about the candy corn mouse necklace on the big doll?
Miscellaneous goodies.
Great ghost - by Terri!
Scarecrow head on an old light fixture.
Big pumpkin door greeter.
This is what you see when you first walk in the shop. LOTS of pumpkin goodies!
The greenhouse filled with more pumpkin goodies, mice and ornies.
Our "fall" area with a variety of crow items.
Witches, witches and more witches.
The mantle with spooky silouettes.
There you have our little fall/Halloween preview. We added lots more after I took the pictures and there will be more on the way! I'll try to take a few more shots tomorrow. Remember, if you see anything that tugs at your heartstrings, I will always ship! Just give me a call at the shop or e-mail me.
Have a great weekend!
Until next time...


  1. Hi Dawn,
    Sorry to hear that the PJ event wasn't very busy.
    I love your Halloween goodies!! Now I can't wait to come to MI...actually I hope that I get to come. My gallbladder surgery isn't until the 10th of August as the surgeon has to go out of town this coming week. And there is a question about if I will get to have it removed by laser or the old fashion way. I'm going to post about it tomorrow or Sunday. I'm hoping for laser and for still making my trip to MI towards the end of the month.
    Have a great weekend.
    hugs, Cindy

  2. Dawn ~
    Wow, I sure hope to get down to your shop before Halloween. Everything looks fantastic, love all the handmades. I hope you are very busy this weekend and sell loads of stuff. Have a great weekend.

  3. Aww - bummer - I am sorry the PJ party wasn't better. I hope sights and sounds is much better for you!

    hugs, Linda

  4. Everyone looks so adorable in their PJ's!
    What a great idea...Sorry it didn't turn out as well as hoped!
    The shop looks fantastic! I am so ready for the Fall!
    Have a great and profitable weekend!

  5. Oh well, it had to be fun though, if I lived closer I sure would have been there!!!

    Wow, what great fall prims you have, just love everything:)

  6. Hi Dawn....sorry to hear your P.J. party was sure do have lots of Halloween goodies!....have a lovely weekend! Janet

  7. That's right...just keep on trying. Sometimes it takes a few times to get things to catch on. Even after 16 years, in this economy, my shows vary with each one. Your halloween things are great!

  8. It looks like so much fun...sorry more people didn't turn out.
    Yes, we will be coming..and your shop looks great. My dh has to give a 3 week notice to get off on Sundays so I will let you know when we will be traveling your way. Blessings, Dianntha

  9. Well if anyone is not inspired for fall/Halloween after your "preview" then they NEVER will be !! Night time events are always "iffy" - but we never give up trying...Our "Goode Witches of Hereford" event is going to be on a Friday night also...but we are closing all day until 6 pm. to set everything in motion. Your customers are lucky - you have an incredible mix of goodies for them!

  10. Holy Moly Holly Hill!!!!
    What a fun looking event - and your shop is so beautiful - this is the most I've seen of it in pictures.

  11. Dawn your shop looked so nice last night, I am not worried about the poor turnout at the PJ party. You have the most unique items in town, so I am confident things will be a huge hit in the weeks to come. I love the things I got from you last night. I am already scheming what to do ith the tin-types! See you soon, Carol

  12. Dawn, thanks so much for stopping by!! PJ party sounds like soo much fun!! I love looking at your shop- so cozy!!! I would LOVE to visit your shop sometime.


  13. Sorry that your party did not turn out as you hoped ; but had the goods for the people there. Enjoyed the tour. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Wow! Wish I lived closer, what an amazing store!!!

  15. Hi Dawn :)

    That looked like so much fun! Nothing like a good PJ party ;)

    The shop looks terrific!