Monday, July 6, 2009


Good morning blogland. Hope all of you had a wonderful July 4th! We had a relaxing morning and then headed to the nursing home for a picnic with my dad. This was the first time he was able to see his new great-granddaughter - Lucy. Nothing in the world has meant more to my dad than being a grandfather and great-grandfather, he has always just been the best. He was excited to see Lucy, but I'm just not sure how much he really understood. It saddens me so very much.
Aunt Kim (a/k/a Bow) got her snuggles in too. Lucy was all dressed in red, white and blue for the holiday.
Dad is always so glad to see Mom. They have been married for 63 years and "dated" for 5 years before that - a real lifetime.

Proud mommy - Ashley - is so happy. Two wonderful little girls.
Abbey and I had to put flowers behind our ears to celebrate the holiday.
Later in the evening, Chad's family and Ashley's family came over to go to the fireworks. Holly has a beach just about 3 blocks from us and everyone walked down to watch the display. Abbey was SO excited! I stayed home with Ashley and Lucy, but we could see a lot of the "show" from our front porch. I loved being able to just hold and rock out little Lucy, it was one of the first times I didn't feel like I had to "share". It ended up being a very nice day.
I opened the shop yesterday and we had quite a bit of business. Deb (The Thread Gatherer) came up and another gal from Medina, Ohio that has a shop called Gatherings.
Things got a little exciting for a few minutes. There was a poor dog running lose on the main street of town, without a collar, and cars were all stopping so it could cross the street. It came right over and went into my shop and wanted to be near me. I was a little nervous, she was a Pit Bull, but she was very gentle. Still... A store owner from across the street came to get her and she was going to take her home, she said it was the second time they saw her running the streets.
Okay shoppers, be watching - we're going to be getting LOTS of new goodies in the shop very soon. In addition, the beginnings of our fall goodies will be coming out of hiding by the beginning of August. I've been sewing dolls and Terri has been working on all kinds of fall and Halloween - it will be wonderful! Wait until you see some of the unique things she has been making!
The shop is closed today, Dick went to work, and I'm going to try to cram in as much sewing as I can! Have a great day and we'll talk soon.
Until next time...


  1. Your family seems so close! I would love to cuddle that little sweet and precious!
    Your Mom and Dad are one in a million! I bet it is so hard for your Dad to be away from her like that...Joe and I have been together for a total of 26 years and I would hate to spend even one day away from him!
    Have a great week...Hope you got my email...I am so very sorry for not letting you know!

  2. Good morning proud gramma:) What a wonderful family you have!

    Three blocks from the beach...oh how I would love that!

    ps...I'm open can add me back to your blog list..if you would like.


  3. Hi Dawn - love seeing the pics of your "gals"....all of them. I was happy to be able to catch up with all your goings on !! We opened the 4th from 10 to 2 and then had a picnic at my sister's !! The weather was picture perfect for the holiday! We went home before the BOOMS started as the traffic becomes unbearable around here!LOL! Will have to talk next week and catch up with all the newsy stuff. Hugs, Judy

  4. Dawn - your new grandchild looks absolutely adorable. What great pictures of everyone. I'm so glad that I got up to get the tea cart Sunday. I really love it. I had thought of painting it, but a quick cleaning revealed that it's in such wonderful shape and goes with my husband's grandmother's furniture, there is no need to paint it. I'm tickled with it. And I'm tickled with the angel. DD wanted to take it for her room, but I didn't think it fit well in with her Jonas Brother, Demi Levato, etc. posters. Maybe if she took those down!!