Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hi gals. Finally back on to blogland, just needed a little break. This past weekend was so much fun, we got to see most of our grandchildren and spend a little time together. Abbey is learning to swim under water - she is very determined!
TA-DA! We have this little blow-up pool in our back yard for the grandchildren (or us if it gets too hot)! Abbey would live in it if we'd let her. (Check out the bathing suit Connie!)

Then we went over to visit our daughter Amanda's family. Our Gannon had to ham it up a bit! Next year he will be on the swim team.

Jack will turn 5 next month and can swim like a fish! He is busy planning his "birthday blowout bash".
Little Caroline likes to get in on the action too. Such a sweetie! Can you tell that Grandpa thinks she is pretty special?
Our Gannon called me at the shop today and said that we needed to plan a "date"! He is coming tomorrow night to spend the night and then helping me at the shop on Friday. I'll never get enough of him, he's such a doll! Is 11 close to being a teenager????? Sure seems like he is growing up fast!

On to the shop! The feeling of fall is starting to sneak into the shop. The crows are starting to land and the sunflowers are opening their sleepy heads. I've got all kinds of things on sale, trying to broom out the summer stuff to make room for our fall preview - July 31! Can't wait! Terri is going to come help me with the redo and I have a feeling we will be working well into the night. There is so much to put out and SOOOO much to do. I've got LOTS of sewing to finish up in a week, but don't we generally work better under pressure??!! Got this old garden bench/planter and I can't wait to fill it with pumpkins and sunflowers!
For those of you that have shown an interest in ordering your houses custom done for Christmas gifts, be sure to start thinking about ordering within the next month of so. I just need pictures of the front and 2 sides (including the roof and chimney lines) to send to the artist with a deposit. Just give me a call and I'll fill you in on the details.
This old crock chick waterer is SOOO cool! I've never seen one before. It would be such a great addition to a crock collection and is marked down to $24.00!
This is the printing on the front of the crock.
It is raining like crazy right now (and we need it), but we were going to haul more furniture to the shop tonight. Maybe it will let up soon, otherwise we'll have to wait until this weekend. Darn! The best laid plans...
Well girls, I hope you have a wonderful evening doing whatever you like to do best!
Until next time...


  1. That pool looks so refreshing was a hot and sticky day here in Central Virginia's been pretty mild so far but today was a hot one! Janet

  2. Hi Dawn,
    It sure looks like the grandkids had fun. No swiming here in our part of Ohio...our high today was 69 degrees. This is the 4th "Low" record high this past actually feels like fall here.
    I had Josie most of this week and we had alot of fun...went shopping, had 2 movie nights & made popcorn and played games so silly that we couldn't stop laughing. You are so right...they sure do grow up fast!!
    That is a cool looking crock...I've never seen one like it before either.
    Take care and I'll chat with you again soon.

  3. Aww..that pool does look refreshing! Your grandchildren are adorable..just beautiful!

    LOVE that chick want that!

    Have a great day

  4. Do you know how far you are from Toledo? I would love to visit your shop and we are about 2 hours south of Toledo...just wondering what kind of trip it would be for us to visit some time? Dianntha

  5. How fun for your grands! They look like they are having the time of their lives! That is a way too cool crock!

  6. Dawn,
    What a fun time the grandkids look like they are having in the pool. I'm so glad that we had a couple of nice days for you to enjoy with them. I love that crock.

  7. Dawn, thanks for the comment of encouragment at my blog! I am a "glass is half full" type, and it takes alot to make me throw in the towel. I think we all need words of encouragement at times and it is nice to see how others handle slow sales. I am handling my slow Etsy time right now by preparing for workshops!!

  8. Hi Dawn :)

    Boy oh boy that pool looks like fun! I think we might need to get one of our own again. The shop looks great!


  9. Ok, I am officially bummed, me and my husband have one of those every year tucked back behind our house just perfectly so the neighbors can't see, yes we have those that would die if they saw it, we did not get one this year because we have been way too busy, but those are the most fun!!! Everyone should have one, at the end of the year right to the trash and a new one the next. Tootles, Janna