Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Good evening ladies. Got a few new things in today that I thought I would share with you. Aggie the angel is a black doll with antique spoon wings. Her mouth is a rusty pin and her pocket reads "I shant go to town today, my hollyhocks are blooming" Her pocket is filled with Sweet Annie. $39.95
Hazel is another "tablespoon" angel and her little pack is filled with Sweet Annie and some drieds. She has an old spool around her neck and flax hair. $39.95

Cora's Crow is a black doll with bed spring hair, a rusty heart, drieds in her hand, button card mouth, and a needle felted crow. She is wearing her old dirty socks and no shoes. $39.95

Just got these pots in and they flew out of the shop. The front is a chalkboard and it comes with a piece of chalk. Wouldn't this be adorable filled for a Christmas gift? $12.95
Dick and I made another antique run yesterday and found some real treasures! This old planter would be so gardeny with a flower planted inside. $29.95

Old cream tin pan with green edging. $15.00
This little aqua doll chair is adorable. Just right for a small prim doll. $14.95

This BIG basket is really an oldie, but in really good condition. It has handles on both sides and a lid. $34.95 The old green, rusty step stool is a really garden gem! $19.95

LOVE this OLD basket. It is quite heavy and so unique. $39.95
These old columns came from a farmhouse in Holly from about the turn of the century. They are so great - and heavy. Wouldn't they be great in a garden with a big birdhouse on top? $49.95 each
These are all different "caps" for the columns, but they would look great with a pot of flowers setting on them. $14.95-16.95 each
That's the line-up for today. We will be getting more in almost daily for awhile, including cupboards, tables, smalls and handmades. Keep watching for more! Tomorrow our Terri is bringing in another LOAD! Can't wait to see the angels she made from old spindles and moldings! She has been working on Halloween goodies like crazy - only one more month until we put it all out!
Tonight we are having my mom and Abbey over for a fish fry. My husband (Papa) took Abbey fishing last night and they caught a bunch! YUM! Nothing quite like pan-fried fresh fish, fried potatoes and corn on the cob!
Have a great evening and we'll talk again soon.
Until next time...


  1. Mmmm! I love a good old fashioned fish fry! A great summer meal!
    Great pics...I see my large strawberry in the one!
    Enjoy your evening!

  2. Dawn what a great additions to your shop! And speaking of additions, congratulations on your new grandbaby! She is a doll, and you have a great looking family. I am glad to be back to my blog and happy to see your comments. If you look closely enough at the top of my old Hoosier, you will see the little lantern I purchased from you! Talk to you soon, Carol

  3. Hi Dawn...you are getting the best goodies!! Anxious to see what Terri brings you....I need some inspiration! Now dinner didn't sound so good to me as I eat NOTHING from the water...UGH!! BUT I do love to fish!! XOXO, Judy

  4. I love all your dollies and your treasures! Beth

  5. Good Morning Dawn.... Tell Ashley I always use any chance I can to talk about our beloved horses! It is amazing how much we miss them when they are out of our lives. Hope things are well with you. See you soon.