Friday, July 17, 2009


Happy Friday everyone! What a week this has been! First moving the shop all around, redoing the front windows and then marking tons of merchandise down for our sale tomorrow! I'll be glad when it's over and I'm doing the sunshine dance (just for tomorrow). Thought you might like to sneek a little peek at a few of the Halloween dolls that will be out for our fall preview/p.j. party night.
A couple of Terri's creations. Can't wait to put them all out! Won't be long now.
I have boxes and boxes of great Halloween goodies - and then on to the markets in August!
Have you ever seen such a beautiful kerosene lamp holder? It is big (and very ornate)! $94.95
And look at this yo-yo quilt. All made from material from the 30's and 40's. Wish it were my colors! It is just gorgeous. I always think about the woman that must have taken the time to make something like this! Holy cow! $89.95
There are sure going to be bargains in Holly this weekend! I went through the whole store and slashed prices like crazy. I really want a clean slate to start over for fall.
This post is a short one. I'm heading up to the nursing home to visit my dad and I hope to beat the storm that looks near. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Talk to you soon.
Until next time...


  1. Hi Dawn,
    Love peeking at your Halloween dolls...just too cute!!! and oh so primitive!!!
    It's looking like we might come up your way for a couple of days in August, but I think it will most likely be towards the end of the month. So you might be coming down to Waynesville before I make it up to MI.
    Hope you had a great visit with your dad and that you beat the storm. Have a great weekend and I'm sure that I'll be chatting with you again soon.
    hugs, Cindy

  2. What a big teaser you are. I love to decorate for fall and Halloween and I'll be starting the end of August. I love everything about fall ~ the crisp cool mornings, the leaves, the colors, all of it.
    I hope you had a great visit with your dad and have a great weekend.

  3. Great Halloween dolls, Dawn! I love the yo-yo quilt too and that lamp holder - wow! I've never seen one like that. Good luck tomorrow - I so wish I could be there.

  4. Fall will be here before we know it. It looks like you have a good start! I haven't started on any Fall yet! Ikes! I did do some ordering last winter of some Fall things that were on sale. Where do you go to market? I haven't been to any in a while. I used to go to KC because it was close, but it hasn't been very good. Good luck with your sale. I'm doing the same thing next week at our shop!

  5. Dawn,
    I just LOVE your store!! What a tease with the new fall items. LOVE THEM!! I wish I lived closer so I could shop at your store! Good Luck tomorrow!! I will pray for a sunshine day for you. Blessings Vicky

  6. Oh my have really been sewing up a are WAY ahead of me...but we won't put our fall/Halloween out until our open house in September....the middle of August we will start to change over the fabric and the fall sprigs and garlands, wreaths etc. so I still have TIME to keep working...time goes so FAST !!XO, Judy

  7. Oh..what fun!!! You are a busy woman!!!


  8. That is a fantastic quilt! My best to you on your sale.

  9. Hi Dawn,
    I hope you had a nice visit with your dad! I think about him often.

    I just said to hubbys last night that i can't beleive a month has gone by! She has grow so much already. She had some issue's with her formula last week and what a difference the soy makes. She is so much happier and sleeping better. We get to babysit later this morning and I cannot wait! How is your newest grandbaby doing?

    hugs, Linda

  10. Hi Dawn :)

    I hope you enjoyed time with your dad. Love all the sweet things for the shop :)