Thursday, July 9, 2009


Oh yes, summer is finally here! Another beautiful day in Michigan! HOORAY!! Do you gals remember the farm tour back in about March of my friend Bonnie's home? Well, I thought you might like to see some of her gardens while they are in full bloom. She does such a beautiful job that I just had to share! This old Sears wagon sits at the entrance of the driveway as you come down the old dirt country road.
What a cozy little front porch! I was with her when she found the old bike at a garage sale a few years ago.

Another view of the porch.
I just love the old stick trellis, we each bought one of those a few years ago too!
Oh yes, does anything say summer more than an old swing??? This was Bonnie's when she was a little girl back home in Illinois.
The old chick feeder and grinding wheel are great touches. The picture doesn't do the Shasta Daiseys justice though.
The clematis is gorgeous! It climbs both sides of the deck that surrounds their pool.
Can you see the old metal grate thing hiding in the corner?

These lilies sure add a vibrant color to the corner of their house.
Bonnie's husband built this chimney for their fireplace many years ago and incorporated the old school bell.
Another beautiful garden on the back of the house. They found all of the rocks on their farm.
The lavender is in full swing, just the best fragrance!

Have you ever seen this wooly, creeping thyme? It's amazing.
Flagstone patio at the back door - back door guests are best!

The old watering can and barrel set on the back patio.

This old window frame also hangs on the back patio.
A LONG row of flowers along the driveway.
Love the scarecrow with the cowboy hat!
What a beautiful old barn!
The old stove is actually made into a birdbath! So clever!

What a great place to have a cold glass of iced tea.
Plants and flowers everywhere!!! That wraps up our tour of Bonnie's wonderful yard and gardens. It is such a peaceful little piece of heaven - hope you enjoyed your tour.
Remember the town cat? She had 4 baby kittens 3 weeks ago. Abbey came into the shop today and we went down to the shop where she had them. They are SOOO cute and Abbey hated to leave them there!
I spent most of the day sewing and sewing more Halloween dolls. I'm really getting the bug to get them out! Now it's time to go grubby them up and put 'em in the oven!
Have a wonderful summer evening!
Until next time...


  1. Thanks for the garden tour. Very nice! The creeping thyme is wonderful over that rock wall!

  2. Dawn ~
    Thanks for the gorgeous garden tour. I wish I could grow lavender like that. I wonder what the secret is. Have a great weekend.

  3. i really enjoy the tour of bonnie's gardens....she has some nice primitive things....some day i hope to have more gardens and a better green thumb...abby looks like she is in kitty heaven...i sometimes think i want another cat....until i think about a litter box and clean up...hehe

  4. Hi Dawn,
    I really enjoyed the tour of Bonnie's yard and gardens. Just love the old bike in her porch area!!
    What a sweet baby kitten that Abbey is holding...I can see why she didn't want to leave them there.
    Hope you are having better weather than us here in has been storming, so no garage sales to go to today. Bummer!!

  5. What a beautiful tour of Bonnie's garden! I am SO jealous! And love the little kitten! I would have had a hard time leaving them, too! :) ~~Annie

  6. Your friend Bonnie has such a beautiful place! Her clematis is just gorgeous! Wish I could get mine to look like that!