Sunday, February 7, 2010


Good, glorious Sunday morning friends! It's after 11 a.m. and I'm still in my jammies. Dick went up to the "Little House" to do some ice fishing with a friend and I can do anything I want this morning! I stayed up last night until about 2 a.m. and got so much done here at our new little nest. The pantry and cupboards are organized, I changed around a few little things and this morning I'm moving on to the bedroom closet. We still have so much darn stuff at the other house to sort, get ready for a sale, take to the shop, and bring here. Thought this would be a good time to get things ready. I think I'll go over there today and see what I can get done.

Yesterday was so much fun at the shop. Abbey had spent the night Friday night to go skating and went to work with me Saturday morning. Zanie Janie (the coffeeshop gal next door) is one of her favorite people, so she always goes over for a visit. Mr. Joe comes quite often to have coffee and visit with Janie and I. Janie came to get me to see Abbey. She was playing dominoes and checkers with Mr. Joe and they had a ball. Isn't it amazing what a little child can do for an older person's soul?
This is going to be a busy week. I have doctor's appointments and tests on Monday and Tuesday and then we have to get ready for our Lovestruck Weekend in the village. My daughter Ashley did my romantic window for me last week and she has promised to be my baker again for our romantic treats. I have furniture to get into the shop and lots more sewing to do. Whew! Should be lots of fun though.
How about the Super Bowl? Are you into football? Ashley is having a party and cooking lots of goodies, but I think I'm going to opt to stay home and enjoy the quiet.
Whatever you're doing today, I hope you enjoy every minute.
Until next time...


  1. Hi Dawn...I love the pictures of Abby and Mr. Joe...precious!
    I hope you have prints of these photos to put in a keepsake box for Abbey - these are memories that might slip her mind as she gets older and pictures will bring it all back like it was yesterday.

    I have a weekend like yours - but mine was spent sewing and reading and cleaning out my files on my laptop. We need times like these to re-group.

    Enjoy your super bowl evening. I'm spending it alone....Doug is on a delivery in PA...of all places! lol

  2. Such precious pictures of your Abbey. If we could give our elders anything its the "gift of our time." Their days are long and who better to spend it with than someone young and full of energy. I'm busy today finishing up some "last minute" special orders for Valentines Day.....I've already moved on to St Patricks , Easter & Spring...OH well!...we have been invited to a Super Bowl Party tonight too.....but I am opting out.....I to have a Dr's appt and tests tomorrow along with a list of things I can't eat along with what fun is that as I'm not the least bit interested in the football I shall be more than happy to be home in my studio painting!
    Have a great weekend Dawn!

  3. Happy Sunday to you too Dawn! nope, no football fans here....but have fun at the party!


  4. What a sweet thing, the two of them sitting there together! We watch the "big" games, not all season fans. So we do the Super Bowl with all the munchies and stuff. Enjoy your peaceful day!

  5. Precious pictures, Dawn! Sounds like you are getting alot done while Dick is away. Enjoy your Sunday. No super bowl here!

  6. Good morning Dawn. What wonderful pictures..Abby such seems like such a sweet little gal :)

    Gracious, you have a very busy week ahead of you!

    Wishing you a wonderful...albeit busy, week
    Hugs, Doreen