Sunday, February 21, 2010


What a fun day! We snuck out of town last night and went up to our cottage, a/k/a The Little House. This morning we went for a drive into town and out to Tawas Point. We drove back into the state park area and pulled over to see the open water. What a sight this always is! The ice isn't as high as some years, but it was so beautiful. I can't wait to walk barefoot on this same stretch when summer gets here. I feel so blessed to live in a state with these beautiful great lakes.
At the end of the point is the lighthouse. Sure wish walls could talk, we'd be sure to hear some interesting old stories.
THEN WE SAW IT! We came around the curve and this beautiful old coast guard life station has been rescued and made into the most unique, wonderful home on the water. We peeked in the windows and WOW!
Can't you just imagine being up on the widow's walk with a telescope watching the freighters? We came home and looked it up (did I say it was for sale?) and again, WOW, way out of our price range. Guess we'll have to buy another lottery ticket.
After we left the coast guard house, I had Dick take me by my favorite little log house on the beach. Darn, still not for sale. It is old logs with a big fieldstone chimney. This little house just oozes charm. Oh well, a girl can dream.
We were going to stay until tomorrow, but the weatherman is predicting bad snow storms in Michigan - again. We kept debating, but finally decided to come home tonight and be safe. Can't wait to go back up VERY SOON!
Hope you all had a great weekend too.
Until next time...


  1. Glad you had a nice time...better to be safe than sorry:)

  2. What a wonderful place to be able to visit! It looks absolutley wonderful! Glad you had a good time and a safe trip!

  3. Glad you decided to come home early... I heard the snow was going to be bad.

    Those old buildings are awesome! If only I could paint...

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend......lucky you.....glad you are home safe:)

  5. Dawn,
    Love the photos you shared...they remind me of my trip five years ago and why I fell in love with MI!!!
    I'm still hoping that we get back up there this year.

  6. Your time aways sounded wonderful and I love the Coast Guard Station beautiful.

  7. Dawn,
    Thanks for sharing such lovely photos. I just love old lighthouse stations. We love to visit the one at Whitefish point when we go to the cabin. Glad you are home safe.

  8. What a wonderful get away! Your pictures are beautiful!!

  9. Beautiful photos, looks so quaint & charming.


  10. Oh thanks so much for telling us about this place, I can't wait to check it out come summer!
    Lake Michigan ( at least this part of it ) never froze over this year. I was told that wasn't unusual but that it would effect the height of the Lake this year.
    We only got a sprinkling of snow yesterday, yippee!! Not to much longer Dawn and it'll be warm and you all can ride up to the Cabin and have a great time!!!!