Friday, February 26, 2010


Well... How many of you are doing the snow dance tonight? (Only to STOP!) It has snowed all day here in Michigan and the roads are really slippery. Only a few brave souls ventured out to our little town today, and I can't say as I blame them!
I'm so excited! I received my first issues of "A Simple Life" magazine and I have it on sale now at the shop. What great primitive stories!
AND THEN, I finally got my copy of CS Home Tours Edition today. So many beautiful homes, can't wait to have time to just set and drool. There isn't anything much more fun and relaxing than to fix a good cup of tea or coffee and snuggle in with a new GOOD magazine. Seems like they are getting few and far between anymore, but what a thrill when you get a great one.
I found a piece of furniture today that I'm just in love with. Had to come home to our new little nest and try to figure out where I would put it, but I'm almost convinced that I'll find a way to squeeze it in. IF I end up getting it, I'll share pictures soon. I think I'm also going to add an antique mantel with electric logs to our sitting area. It would be so darn cozy - and I have just the perfect one picked out. I haven't bought anything for ME in a long time. Seems like I'm always just looking for the shop.
I have a big, long shelf in the garage that has been waiting for a new prim paint job for a few months. This might just be the weekend to haul it into the craft room and get it finished up. Hubby will love that! He'll then have TWO big shelves to hang for me. PLEASE!
Well pals, hope you are all in your cozy nests all warm and snug. The weather outside is frightful, and it's time to issue another cuddle alert. Stay safe!
Until next time...


  1. We had our nasty weahter this week and I cuddled with Lili - nothing better than that! Have a nice weekend - no mater what tyou decide to do!!

  2. It has definitely been a cold and blustery day! I've never seen that magazine before - looks intriguing. I can't wait to see your new piece of furniture!

  3. We had a fairly nice day here. Supposed to snow tomorrow though. I checked the PO twice today for the CS Home tours. Nothing yet... I just subscribed to A Simple Life, I think it will come next week. Can't wait to see your new piece! You should keep something for yourself once in a while!

  4. Hi Dawn!....I too love it when an issue of CS comes in the mail....can't wait to sit down and drool is right!

    It was quite windy and dry here today....I really do hate the wind!

    Stay warm and enjoy the weekend!

  5. Hi Dawn,
    It snowed here in Ohio today also...and the roads got really bad.
    I got my copy of "A Simple Life", but haven't got my copy of CS Home Tours yet. Sure wish it would come soon.
    Take care and Stay warm,

  6. I have read through 'A Simple Life' a couple of times now. They did a really nice job especially for the 1st issue. I look forward to your shelf photos and your 'maybe' purchase.

  7. What is it about this winter, we hardly have any snow here and yesterday we only had flurries? You guys are getting all our snow!
    It's nice that you might get something that you really, really want, yippee.
    Well, hang in there spring will be here before you know it!!!

  8. Dawn, I got both of the magazines in the last couple of days & am still drooling, hehe. You guys are getting all of the snow down south this year. Very bizarre. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. So wish we could meet too:)

    I'm so ready for spring, we have had snow here in my part of Pa since before Christmas and I'm so wanting to see some green...the storm hit us yesterday, didn't stop until today.

    I recieved my magazine in the's a good one!

    The CS I found in our little drugstore downtown, I had just came back from looking for it at Walmart and they didn't have it, who would have guessed I'd find it in a mom & pop place?

    Have a great day,

  10. So glad your snow has finally stopped Dawn - we keep getting little bits everyday...we never put the shovel too far

    I hope you get your new would be a nice pick me up for the long Winter wouldn't it?

    Isn't the new magazine just awesome...I think it's one of the best I've seen in a long while.

    I'ts different - not a crafting magazine but full of interesting information and gorgeous Colonial/Primitive homes/dwellings.

    Hugs, karen

  11. No time to read all the new magazines....too busy shoveling...LOL!! Kidding of course, Tony shovels!! I also am selling Flea Market Style is so much fun! One of my friends emailed me about CS Home Tours to see if I knew one of the homeowners - Cathy Hartz - she lives where our old store was and my friend saw a wall of washboards and one had a piece of homespun and button tack still on it..(that was our price tags years ago....)I must get the magazine and check it out! I do know Cathy...she was a great customer and now runs a Country Store called The Porch! Small world...alittle piece of The Cinnamon Stick in Country Sampler....(big smile)!

  12. you know...I LOVEEE the snow..but I must admit..after the week we had ...I was contemplating doing a NO snow dance...we had 21" from just one storm....we had three storms last week!!!! And it's still snowing on and off today! It is beautiful though :)

    I can see why finding relaxation time for you is are one of the busiest women I know!

    Looking forward to seeing your new projects!

    Wishing you a wonderful day
    Hugs, Doreen