Thursday, February 18, 2010

SPRING HAS SPRUNG (at least starting)...

I'm so excited to show you the new (0ld) island we got into the shop today. It is mustard, but the picture doesn't show the color very well. It would also be a great entertainment center for a flat screen t.v.
Don't you love old beadboard?
The bins are filling up with spring/Easter goodies.
The old greenhouse is filling up with handmades. The birdhouses have a hole in the back for a light!
This is a wonderful old seed box. I could just see in on a counter filled with prim kitchen gadgets.
The bunnies are actually candy containers.
Metal Easter sign with a ribbon tie.
Lots of spring chicks are just starting to hatch.
Okay Grandmas! These little felt baskets are perfect for your grandchildren.
Just got chocolate bunnies, but not the usual. They are Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail.
This is just the right size plate rack for your cupboard - along with paper mache eggs.
Another new addition is this big bench with a back and arms. Perfect for a foyer.
Couldn't resist this magnetic, metal calendar. That's the first Robin I've seen this year!
Towels, towels and
more towels!
The sewing fairy is going to really be busy for a few days, seems like lots of the handmade bunnies and dolls are going fast. But never fear, more are on the way.
Well gals, my Abbey is here for a sleepover tonight, so I'm going to go spend some time with her.
By the way, the article on the shop is in the new Michigan Country Register!! HOORAY!!!
Have a great evening prim pals!
Until next time...


  1. Hi Dawn, what adorable Spring/Easter items and you have them displayed so cute!
    Love the felt baskets.

  2. You always have such wonderful things in your shop! Yes, I love the beadboard! I love that old seed box too! Thanks for sending spring thoughts!

  3. It sure does look like spring -inside your shop that is!!! Wonderful!

  4. Great new stuff, Dawn! Your shop is looking so springy and wonderful!

  5. You have some lovely new things to welcome spring!

  6. Very Springy looking Dawn...I went to the Country Store yesterday and they had put there bunnies and spring items all out...such a refreshing look to everything and I have to add a welcoming look too:) Love all that you have displayed especially the cubby!


  7. Very cool always! thanks for stopping by for a visit yesterday, always glad when you do!

  8. Looks just like spring! And busy, as I want a shop to be when I visit. Only wish you were closer!

  9. The shop sure does scream Spring-time, that's great!
    I Googled the Michigan County Register but I couldn't find it. I'd sure like to see it!
    Have a super sleep over you two, have fun and don't stay up all night. Girls of all ages need their beauty zzzzzzz :D

  10. Love everything! I think I really need to make a trip out to see you SOON! I love your Shop!