Thursday, February 11, 2010


HOORAY!!! The snow has stopped in Michigan - at least for a couple of days. We ended up with about eight inches in our neck of the woods, not as much as they thought we would get. I'm so sorry for all you gals in the east! You must have a terrible mess going on out there. Sounds like lots of you have broken records this year.
I felt terrible not opening the shop yesterday, but I did get a lot done. Thought I'd share a couple bunnies with you tonight. The top bunny was done in an old wire basket, filled with hay, and mice are all around trying to see what's going on!

This little make-do bunny is done on a rusty old can. She has a bonnet and Sweet Annie.
Mr. Black Bunny is sitting in a rusty tin can with hay and eggs. The little mouse is crawling up the side of the can trying to get at those eggs!
I also got three more samplers finished up and framed. Love this verse by Abe Lincoln.
Now, this one is ME!!!
And, as mothers, how many of us haven't said these same things? Kind of hits home!
I also got a heart pocket finished up and an old nightshirt and night cap - maybe I'll remember to take pictures tomorrow.
Today was a pretty quiet day at the shop. My friend Bonnie stopped in for a bit and helped me put some new things out. After she left, friend Debbie brought up a few more antique goodies and then Ashley stopped with both girls (Abbey and Lucy) - at least it wasn't boring. I'll get pictures of the antiques tomorrow - my battery died today!
I did my nightly journey to the nursing home tonight and had a good visit with my dad. Sure do wish I could bring him home, but I'm thankful that we get to spend so much time together. Can't wait for spring, at least we can go outside then.
I hope you are getting your driveways and roads cleared and are able to get out and about. Wherever you are, stay safe. Hope you have a wonderful evening!
Until next time...


  1. You have about the same amount of snow that we do!
    Love your new items!!

  2. You sure did get alot done Dawn! Have a great day in your shoppe tomorrow!


  3. Great stitcheries and bunnies! You have been busy! Glad your snow has tapered off.

  4. We got about the same amount of snow here in Port Huron.
    I love your bunnies! I love this time of year because... I love bunnies! lol

  5. I hope the magazine is a good one too! I don't think it will be as "country" or "primitive" as some of Ki's earlier projects. I think a lot of the gal's involved kind of have more vintage or French styles. ??? We'll see. It will just be nice to have a new magazine since there are so few to choose from these days.
    The last storm just brought us a little snow. We had about 5" the week before. At least I think... we've had so many snows I can't keep track anymore! I also work at a school and we already have 2 snow days to make up... bummer!
    Stay warm... I can't wait for Spring either.
    Your bunnies are sure cute!

  6. Dawn,
    I love your bunnies & your stitcheries ~ awesome job. We only got one inch of snow ~ I talked to our son in Grand Rapids, they got the same as you. Have fun in the shop,my friend.

  7. Dawn,
    We have about 20 inches of snow in my part of Ohio...and I finally got out today to see my new grandson. Hadn't seen him since the day after he was born because of the bad road conditions from the 2 snowstorms.
    Love your bunnies...the are telling me that Spring is not far away!!

  8. I love the stitchery's especially the last one, I can remember my parents saying the same things that you stitched:0

    Glad your day wasn't boring at the shop...what would we do without family and friends!!!


  9. Love the bunny in the rusty can!!!!