Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hi friends, don't know what's going on, but blogger is underlining everything I type and I don't know how to make it quit! Oh well, at least I can get a post out to you.
This has been a crazy, busy week. I started out Monday working for a friend and helping her set up her new shop in Waterford, Michigan. It's in an old house and is going to be so cute and country. I'm going back tomorrow night to do more.
Tuesday my friend Debbie came out and we sewed all day making dolls and bunnies. I really look forward to our sewing day, we get a lot done, but also have lots of laughs and a great time.
Today was back to the shop to put out more new goodies and then up to see my dad. I'm going to make a quick trip to Michael's when I get this finished up.
I promised that I would show you my new projects and I finally got them done. I took old cupboard doors and did prim stitcheries on them. I love how they turned out and may just have to do one for me. I love to sit and stitch in the evenings while we watch t.v. (gives me something to do - I don't sit very well). The top picture got out of order, but it's my favorite! It's called "The Olde Front Door" and is done on an old door frame. (By the way, if you click on the pictures to enlarge them, you are able to read the verses.) Hope you enjoy!
This first one is called "Dear Old House" and I painted and stained the cupboard door black.
"Mother's Garden" was done in an old frame with no glass.
"Generations" was done on an old grubbied feedsack and put on a nutmeg stained door. I just love the prim effect and the verses just touch my heart.
One dolly we made is an old prim angel with her pinkeep around her neck. She has ticking legs, quilt wings and angel vine hair.
Annabelle is all set for all four seasons. she is wearing a child's dress, real socks and shoes and has her bag of things to hold for all the seaons. (Spring - chick, summer - crow, fall-pumpkin and winter-poinsetta)
I saw these bunnies on the Kentucky Primitives site and just had to try them out. They are my favorites so far this year. The hands and feet are old clothespins!
Sam is made out of a piece of quilt and has a top hat.
This little guy also has clothespin feet, a pocket filled with Sweet Annie and a carrot.
It is so much darn fun to be going into a new season and spring is filled with hope. I know the groundhog says we are having 6 more weeks of winter, but just remember how fast six weeks will fly by!
I hope you all are out there doing whatever makes you happy (creating, nesting, reading...), it's all good! Keep cozy and we'll talk again soon.
Until next time...


  1. Wow, Dawn ~ those bunnies are awesome! It sure sounds like you are keeping busy. Stay warm, my friend.

  2. Hi Dawn,
    I love the stitcheries on the cupboard doors such a neat idea!!!

    Love the bunnies too!


  3. i love your ideas!!! well done...♥

  4. Love the cupboard doors & the bunnies too! Hoping your inspirations will rub off! I haven't found my motivation yet!

  5. Oh wow! I love everything bit especially the stitcheries!

  6. You sure have been busy and have gotten alot done too! Everything looks great!


  7. Love your stitchery's and bunnies!! Have a great day!!

  8. What fun creating for your shop - with a friend! SOunds like a double bonus to me!!

    I hope you can share pictures of your other friends new shop!!

  9. Love all you new things Dawn - especially the stitcheries. I think I really do need to make a trip up there soon.

  10. How fun to be able to craft with a friend and also to help another friend set up I'd love to live closer to you Dawn.
    Love your new projects and what a job stitching that long piece on the door panel...but it's wonderful.

  11. Bunnies are so cute!!!!! Very neat idea what you did with the old door. Would be great to see the other friends shop!


  12. Your bunnies and samplers are beautiful! You do a great job!

  13. Great new things, Dawn. The shop looks just great and your stitcheries are fabulous!