Saturday, February 13, 2010


Oh snowy day - again! It sure is pretty, but I'm SOOOOO ready for some spring-like weather. Oh well, March is right around the corner. Thought I'd share some of our latest goodies with you before I run to the shop today. Above is a PRIM little nightshirt and cap filled with Sweet Annie. It would be adorable hanging from a peg somewhere.
Love this grubby heart that says, "I love you big as the sky" and is also filled with Sweet Annie.
This old wooden bucket would make a great magazine holder, wastebasket or anything else you could use your imagination for.
This big old wooden piece is the bottom of an old peeler, but isn't it great?
Another old prim bench. You can never have enough benches!
Lots more new goodies on this table.
Old wooden bowls, bunnies, chicks, eggs, it's all "springing" into the shop.
Wouldn't a matching garden trowel and gloves make a great little gift?
Handmade ornies and little baskets filled with an egg are ready for your Easter tree.
Okay, now to the fun part! Yesterday my neighbor (Zanie Janie - in the middle) invited me over for lunch. She has the most YUMMY treats in her shop now, thanks to Baker Barb (on the right)! Barb's friend Leah came along to join us for this feast! Now let me tell you, this lunch was out of this world! I felt like I had just stepped into a gourmet restaurant. She made us homemade potato soup with melted cheese, this wonderful salad with strawberries, mandarin oranges, walnuts..., homemade bread and an out-of-this-world desert. I couldn't believe my eyes. It's been a LONG time since I've had soup or a salad like that!
This is Barb standing behind some of the baked goods she brought into the shop. She does catering and special orders, so if you're interested, just give me a call at the shop for her number.
THIS WAS OUR DESSERT!!! Oh my goodness!
Little heart shortbread cookies.
Cherry/chocolate chip cupcakes.
Melt in your mouth sugar cookies.
Cherry/chocolate chip scones.
And that wonderful dessert again! Oh my goodness, what a great day.
SOO, if you come up to our Lovestruck Weekend, you can just walk through the French doors from my shop into Janie's coffee shop for these wonderful treats!
Well girls, I'm running a little late. I need to get to town and open up. Have a great Saturday and we'll talk a little later.
Until next time...


  1. OH my, Janies deserts look so yummy! You can almost put on the weight just looking at the pictures! I would be in trouble working right next door! Glad you had a nice lunch! Love you new goodies in your shop! One of my favorite times, is when all the bunnies come out!

  2. Good grief Dawn now I'm HUNGRY!! That food looks soooo yummy!!


  3. Oh my goodness!! Those deserts look soooo... yummy!! Sounds like you all had a wonderful lunch!!
    I just love looking at all the Spring goodies in your shop...I'm so ready for Spring too!!

  4. I'm ready for Spring too, Dawn! Your shop is looking so cute - as it always does! What a wonderful lunch!

  5. Oh my goodness...If Janie were next to me I would not be able to get thru the doors. I think I gained 5 lbs. just looking at those desserts...yummmmmmmmm!!
    Happy Spring to you...couldn't open the store until today...piles and piles of snow too high to measure. (and more coming Monday evening...stinks!) LOL!! Bunnies are great...can't wait till all my rabbits and peeps are running around the store...Judy