Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Happy Snow Day! I guess it was Michigan's turn for a good old snowfall, especially since the rest of the country is getting hit so hard. It has been snowing all night and it just keeps coming. I do have to say that it is beautiful to look out over our canal in the back yard. The trees are getting covered and it is quite magical.
At some point, I've got to get on my boots and trudge out to the birdfeeder. The squirrels, ducks and birds all gather around as soon as there is food out there.
Poor Rosie dog doesn't know what to think of all this white stuff. It sure doesn't take long before she's back at the door to come inside.
It was hard to decide, but I'm not opening the shop today. I just can't imagine many people braving the elements to come to a country store. If they do get out, I think they'll be heading to the grocery store. All of the schools are closed, so most mommies are going to be home with their little ones.
SOOOO, it's a good day to stay inside, build a fire and sew, sew, sew. So many ideas were whirling around my head during the night and this will be a good chance to get some of them done. Our LOVESTRUCK WEEKEND is in Holly for Fri, Sat, and Sun and I would love to have more and more things to put in the shop.
Hope all of you are warm, cozy and safe today.
Until next time...


  1. Well you got what we got yesterday and Monday night....horrible stuff and I'm so tired of it.
    Wise choice to not open...why take chances and be out there on the road! And you are right...mostly the grocery stores and gas stations today.

  2. Dear me....I don't expect to open until Saturday...what a mess !! I haven't a clue where the "plow guy" will put all the snow from two storms in one week...when he does the parking lot. So I am going to stay home, think spring, sew bunnies and eat cake!!

  3. Enjoy your snow day! We are getting some snow today, but we have actually had a very mild winter considering what we usually get.

  4. We are having a big storm here today too...I just got home from a hair appointment but it hasn't gotten bad out ...YET.....we'll see...I'm so done with winter!
    Stay warm and safe,

  5. Dawn,
    The storm missed us ~ the sun is shining & we maybe got one inch. Have fun sewing.

  6. Isn't is nice to see something other than brown grass, brown everywhere? I'm glad to see it - maybe not so glad that the kids are home and on each other's backs! LOL

  7. Sounds like the snow is dumping everywhere east of us! We always get alot in the winter but this year mother nature seems to be wanting to share with you! LOL! Have a great snowday sewing...! Stay safe!

  8. The snow does look awesome, as long as we can stay inside!!

  9. It was a beautiful, sparkly, day wasn't it? Glad you had a good day!

  10. Hi Dawn..... thanks for your comment, but the coasters are a 2 step process that requires overnight drying time. I'm sorry, but thanks for asking! Carol