Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Good snowy evenings prim pals! Yup, more snow in Michigan! It's supposed to go all through the weekend. Maybe this will be the end of it - wishful thinking! BUT, the shop is starting to really look like spring. Today the old sled, skis and skates got packed away until next year and lots more spring goodies are arriving. Our little greenhouse is filled with bunnies, chicks and eggs.
Farmer Pete arrived today with his big old carrot and bib overalls.
Little Fluffy Bunny Slippers came in today too, carrying her bouquet of spring flowers.
Just love her little slippers!
Longjohn also made his debut. His vest is so grubby with a pocket filled with Sweet Annie and a carrot.
These little boxes are covered in the sweetest, old-fashioned, bunny paper. Wouldn't that yellow sale look great with a spring arrangement?
Carlton is a "bottle bunny" and also has a giant carrot. Made of warm and natural and grubbied up.
Doesn't this sign just say it all?
The front of our old "house" got a new look for spring too with a bird bath, bird houses, a giant flower... Sure beats the winter goods that have been there for awhile.
Little Addie is so sweet. She has wool hair, a mustard check dress, and a little pouch filled with flax.
This bunny is adorable. You can use him as an Easter basket and he is also a pull toy.
Lots of bunnies hopped in today and they are all adorable.
Is there anything much cuter than spring chicks? We have nodders, candy containers, egg cups, vintage pictures and more.
This bunny pulling the wee chicks is protected from the spring showers with the pink eggshell umbrella.
Couldn't do Easter without handmade eggs!
Sure hope some of you can come in for a visit and take a look around. More and more will be arriving, but at least we have a good start. Remember, everything you see on the blog can be bought at any time. Just give me a call at the shop (248/634-7040) and I'll ship anything except furniture.
This was a big week for my parents. Monday was their 64th wedding anniversary. We took Mom to the nursing home and had a good visit with Dad. What an accomplishment in this day and age, I'm so proud of them.
Well, time to go shovel MORE snow!
Until next time...


  1. A BIG congrats to your mom and dad!! Being married 64 years is an awesome feat these days!!

    Your Easter items are awesome! Christmas and Easter are my favorite holidays... esp. Easter! I love all the bunnies!

  2. WoW ~ 64 years! That's amazing. Congratulations to your folks! Love all the spring goodies, Dawn. Your shop is darling - I hope I can get up for a visit soon; it's been too long!

  3. Morning, Dawn! A big congratulations to your patents on their anniversary. Loving all your new bunnies, those eggs & chick are adorable, too. Spring is on it's way.

  4. wow, I feel like I stuck gold today. i have been discovering so many wonderful blogs and yours being one of them. I love it and I shall visit often.
    Please feel free to visit me at mine if you want.
    Have a great day and thanks for sharing your creativity.
    Do you sell any of the items from your store online?
    Lovely collection of prims

  5. I can't imagine 64 yrs, I'm so glad they could be together:)

    Love the different bunnies, all are so cute and spring:)

  6. I just love everything!! I am dreaming of spring as we are in the midst of another snow storms. I am hoping it's our last big one! Wouldn't that be nice??!!

  7. The shop looks wonderful with all the bunnies!
    Sorry you are getting more snow!!
    I am so raedy for Spring! I am sure you are too!

  8. OHHH..I'm loving all these adorable bunnies :)

    Hugs, Doreen