Friday, February 5, 2010


Hello out there blogland! Just got home from the shop and visiting my dad and thought I'd check in to see what all of you have planned for the weekend. Dick is planning on going to the cottage with one of his friends to do some ice fishing and I'm planning on getting more goodies made while he's gone. Probably dolls will be next on the agenda and maybe more rabbits - and then there's eggs, carrots... Sometimes it's never-ending. I'd love to get a chance to go look for more furniture for the shop too, but that might have to wait until next week. Sometimes it's wonderful to get up in the morning, stay in my jammies and just craft away the hours. I'm looking forward to building a fire in the woodstove and brewing a pot of coffee! Oh bliss!
Tonight our Abbey came for a sleepover and her and Papa are out ice skating. That little girl sure loves the outdoors! Her Uncle Chad started her skiing at 2 and now ice skating is always on the agenda.
OHHHH! I forgot to tell you about our latest adventure. We had a mouse in the house the other night. Now I know it's silly to be afraid of them, but they are so fast and just dart everywhere. I have been so squeemish since I first saw him, but he finally found the cheese last night and is GONE! But, where there's one... That's right, we got another one this morning. Sure do hope that's it, I hate to keep looking over my shoulder. The first night that I saw it, my husband came home with a wind-up mouse and about gave me a heart attack. You know what they say, paybacks...
By the way, anyone living in the area should try to make it to Holly next Fri, Sat or Sun. The whole village is having a "Lovestruck Weekend" for Valentine's. There will be romantic music piped onto the streets, pink lights, specials, romantic windows, give-aways, treats and more. Most shops are going to stay open until 8 p.m. on Fri and Sat and from noon to four on Sunday. Should be lots of fun and we are hoping this will be the first of an annual event.
Well my friends, it's been a long day and I'm ready to curl up and stitch a bit while the dynamic duo are out skating. Have a great weekend!
Until next time...


  1. We had two little mice in our attic last month. My husband set a couple of traps and caught them. I am not fond of mice either BUT when my husband brought those poor little things out of the attic, I felt so bad! I have such a soft heart!

    PS: I'm still thinking about that beautiful hutch I saw in your store this afternoon! lol

  2. The only time I see mice in my house is when the cats bring them in to play with! LOL! Your crafting time sounds just perfect. I just love those bobbin lights in your header! I need to get one or figure out how to make them. The valentine weekend sounds like so much fun! Your town grows on me more and more each post. I will have to visit sometime!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful evening you have planned Dawn....enjoy!

    oh and EEEEK!! about the mouse!!


  4. Hope you get to cratf in your jammies in the morning!
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  5. I hope you get your mouse! I scream when I see a dead one in a trap. How silly is that?!? The other day I was looking out the window, we have bird feeders on our deck, I looked down and saw a little hole in the snow. It was from a mouse. He would come out, eat some bird seed, and go back in the hole. Did this several times as I sat and watched. That was the first time I believe I have ever said a mouse was cute. Why can't they just stay outside. I would gladly feed him if he stayed outside!

    Have a great weekend crafting!