Sunday, February 28, 2010


I'm doing the happy dance this morning! Dick finally got my shelf hung and I just LOVE it! I just love how my pinkeeps look on it. It will still need a little tweeking, but at least it's UP!
Yup, they now have a home.
After the shelf was hung, I decided to drag out a few spring bunnies. After all, tomorrow is March first. Could that mean that some of this snow might stop soon!
I decided to keep it simple this year with just a few of my favorites and I really love the look.
The handmade eggs are in the center of my table.
Wax eggs, a bunny and a carrot are in my old scales in the kitchen.
Last year my friend Debbie and I made these cinnamon eggs and paprika carrots.
This is the year to retire a few old favorites too. Years ago, my daughter Ashley and I took a painting class from Kim's mom (Sharon). We made these paper mache bunnies and I did the big one and Ashley did the little one, she was only about Abbey's age. I think they need to move over to her house this year to enjoy.
Another retired pair are these paper mache bunnies with clothes. Great memories though. My friend Connie and I made these YEARS ago and they are starting to show signs of wear and tear. Sometimes we have to weed out collections and it's very hard. I'm just so thankful for the memories that I'll always cherish - thanks Connie!
We're having a day at home today. Dick went to pick up Abbey and then Gannon called and he wanted to come too. We're going to play games with them for awhile before they go home and then Dick is going to do some ice fishing. Hope he catches a big old mess of fish. There's nothing like pan-fried pan fish! Maybe I'll get a chance to paint my other shelf while he is fishing! (Then there's always more sewing, stitching and other painting!)
Well gals, hope you are all having a restful Sunday afternoon.
Until next time...

Friday, February 26, 2010


Well... How many of you are doing the snow dance tonight? (Only to STOP!) It has snowed all day here in Michigan and the roads are really slippery. Only a few brave souls ventured out to our little town today, and I can't say as I blame them!
I'm so excited! I received my first issues of "A Simple Life" magazine and I have it on sale now at the shop. What great primitive stories!
AND THEN, I finally got my copy of CS Home Tours Edition today. So many beautiful homes, can't wait to have time to just set and drool. There isn't anything much more fun and relaxing than to fix a good cup of tea or coffee and snuggle in with a new GOOD magazine. Seems like they are getting few and far between anymore, but what a thrill when you get a great one.
I found a piece of furniture today that I'm just in love with. Had to come home to our new little nest and try to figure out where I would put it, but I'm almost convinced that I'll find a way to squeeze it in. IF I end up getting it, I'll share pictures soon. I think I'm also going to add an antique mantel with electric logs to our sitting area. It would be so darn cozy - and I have just the perfect one picked out. I haven't bought anything for ME in a long time. Seems like I'm always just looking for the shop.
I have a big, long shelf in the garage that has been waiting for a new prim paint job for a few months. This might just be the weekend to haul it into the craft room and get it finished up. Hubby will love that! He'll then have TWO big shelves to hang for me. PLEASE!
Well pals, hope you are all in your cozy nests all warm and snug. The weather outside is frightful, and it's time to issue another cuddle alert. Stay safe!
Until next time...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Good snowy evenings prim pals! Yup, more snow in Michigan! It's supposed to go all through the weekend. Maybe this will be the end of it - wishful thinking! BUT, the shop is starting to really look like spring. Today the old sled, skis and skates got packed away until next year and lots more spring goodies are arriving. Our little greenhouse is filled with bunnies, chicks and eggs.
Farmer Pete arrived today with his big old carrot and bib overalls.
Little Fluffy Bunny Slippers came in today too, carrying her bouquet of spring flowers.
Just love her little slippers!
Longjohn also made his debut. His vest is so grubby with a pocket filled with Sweet Annie and a carrot.
These little boxes are covered in the sweetest, old-fashioned, bunny paper. Wouldn't that yellow sale look great with a spring arrangement?
Carlton is a "bottle bunny" and also has a giant carrot. Made of warm and natural and grubbied up.
Doesn't this sign just say it all?
The front of our old "house" got a new look for spring too with a bird bath, bird houses, a giant flower... Sure beats the winter goods that have been there for awhile.
Little Addie is so sweet. She has wool hair, a mustard check dress, and a little pouch filled with flax.
This bunny is adorable. You can use him as an Easter basket and he is also a pull toy.
Lots of bunnies hopped in today and they are all adorable.
Is there anything much cuter than spring chicks? We have nodders, candy containers, egg cups, vintage pictures and more.
This bunny pulling the wee chicks is protected from the spring showers with the pink eggshell umbrella.
Couldn't do Easter without handmade eggs!
Sure hope some of you can come in for a visit and take a look around. More and more will be arriving, but at least we have a good start. Remember, everything you see on the blog can be bought at any time. Just give me a call at the shop (248/634-7040) and I'll ship anything except furniture.
This was a big week for my parents. Monday was their 64th wedding anniversary. We took Mom to the nursing home and had a good visit with Dad. What an accomplishment in this day and age, I'm so proud of them.
Well, time to go shovel MORE snow!
Until next time...

Sunday, February 21, 2010


What a fun day! We snuck out of town last night and went up to our cottage, a/k/a The Little House. This morning we went for a drive into town and out to Tawas Point. We drove back into the state park area and pulled over to see the open water. What a sight this always is! The ice isn't as high as some years, but it was so beautiful. I can't wait to walk barefoot on this same stretch when summer gets here. I feel so blessed to live in a state with these beautiful great lakes.
At the end of the point is the lighthouse. Sure wish walls could talk, we'd be sure to hear some interesting old stories.
THEN WE SAW IT! We came around the curve and this beautiful old coast guard life station has been rescued and made into the most unique, wonderful home on the water. We peeked in the windows and WOW!
Can't you just imagine being up on the widow's walk with a telescope watching the freighters? We came home and looked it up (did I say it was for sale?) and again, WOW, way out of our price range. Guess we'll have to buy another lottery ticket.
After we left the coast guard house, I had Dick take me by my favorite little log house on the beach. Darn, still not for sale. It is old logs with a big fieldstone chimney. This little house just oozes charm. Oh well, a girl can dream.
We were going to stay until tomorrow, but the weatherman is predicting bad snow storms in Michigan - again. We kept debating, but finally decided to come home tonight and be safe. Can't wait to go back up VERY SOON!
Hope you all had a great weekend too.
Until next time...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

SPRING HAS SPRUNG (at least starting)...

I'm so excited to show you the new (0ld) island we got into the shop today. It is mustard, but the picture doesn't show the color very well. It would also be a great entertainment center for a flat screen t.v.
Don't you love old beadboard?
The bins are filling up with spring/Easter goodies.
The old greenhouse is filling up with handmades. The birdhouses have a hole in the back for a light!
This is a wonderful old seed box. I could just see in on a counter filled with prim kitchen gadgets.
The bunnies are actually candy containers.
Metal Easter sign with a ribbon tie.
Lots of spring chicks are just starting to hatch.
Okay Grandmas! These little felt baskets are perfect for your grandchildren.
Just got chocolate bunnies, but not the usual. They are Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail.
This is just the right size plate rack for your cupboard - along with paper mache eggs.
Another new addition is this big bench with a back and arms. Perfect for a foyer.
Couldn't resist this magnetic, metal calendar. That's the first Robin I've seen this year!
Towels, towels and
more towels!
The sewing fairy is going to really be busy for a few days, seems like lots of the handmade bunnies and dolls are going fast. But never fear, more are on the way.
Well gals, my Abbey is here for a sleepover tonight, so I'm going to go spend some time with her.
By the way, the article on the shop is in the new Michigan Country Register!! HOORAY!!!
Have a great evening prim pals!
Until next time...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Good morning my friends. Another snowy day in Michigan! I have the day "off" from the shop today, but I have SOOOO many things I want to get done. We took a great old beadboard cupboard to the shop yesterday and I want to get down there to paint it. I want to get sewing on more bunnies - I sold five on Saturday. AND I have to take Mom to the doctor at noon - her back is out AGAIN!
But in the meantime, I thought it might be fun to share part of my pinkeep collection with you. It's probably one of my favorite collections and they are so much fun to look for - but only the really prim ones! Above is a really prim sunflower done on an old tin "cup".
I love this strawberry. The material is really textured and it must be rag stuffed.
I found these two old girls down by the Indiana border of Michigan. Aren't they a hoot?
Love this old woman on a spool.
This old pear is also very weighty.
This one is done on top of a rusty old tin can.
Another primitive pear.
More strawberries, one out of ticking and one out of old velvet.
This is a favorite too. Very heavy with rips and patches.
This one is mounted on an old insulator.
What would a collection be without an old shoe?
And this little chick also had to get in on the action.
I have more, but I'll wait until another day to share those - they are lots bigger.
Sure do wish I could just snuggle in today and not have to go outside! They snow is coming like crazy. Oh well. I know a lot of you are counting the days until spring - count me in! I can't hardly wait to transplant flowers, start some gardens and enjoy the outdoors. But for now, I'm thankful to have a cozy nest, a warm woodstove and a place to get creative.
Hope you all have a snuggly day.
Until next time...