Thursday, March 12, 2009


As you go down the old country dirt road and come to the Sears and Robuck wagon in the front yard, turn in for a wonderful tour of a country farmhouse.
This home was built around the turn of the century and acquired by Paul's parents in 1942. It belongs to my good friends and I have wonderful memories at this farm. I bought my first horse here and, little did I know, that 30 some years later we would still be great friends.

What a welcoming front porch.
This living room was originally a garage, but Paul rebuilt this and was finished in about 1980. The table was original to the farm. What a great place to work on projects - and Bonnie does bunches! She is a gourd artist among many other things.

This barber pole and sign were original to her father's barber shop in St. Louis.
Isn't this a cozy place to curl up and read a good book. Bonnie made the coffee table out of an old window.
Paul built this fireplace and it covers one whole wall. Don't you love the old window with the vintage quilt blocks? Bonnie also made the yo-yo quilt on the rocking chair.
This old cupboard houses their t.v. and stereo.
Nice collection of vintage sifters.
Pierced tin done by Bonnie and Paul for their backsplash. Envy!
Canning shelves built by Paul.
Bonnie uses this old enamel top drop-leaf as her island. French doors lead to sunroom and hot tub and then on out to their deck.
Newly painted cupboards, hardware and countertops.
The big, old icebox was left in a previous home. They had to remove the porcelain to get it out of the house!
They bought this kitchen table in Illinois. It was SO dirty and covered with bird droppings that they took it through the car wash!
Cupboard in the sunroom.
These French doors were a wedding gift in 1980. They had the stained glass added before they were installed. Beautiful!
Paul built this hutch for Bonnie a couple of years ago. What great craftsmanship!
These Christening dresses belonged to Bonnie's grandmother and great aunt. You should see them up close, they are just wonderful.
Sorry, I don't know how to take pictures off yet!
The dining room table was brought here by Paul's great aunt and uncle from Quebec.
This is a "knock down wardrobe" that Bonnie's folks got when they were married in 1938.
Great old dresser, wish you could see the penny rug on top.
Is this cozy or what? No wonder the cat likes to sleep in here!
Cutest old window frame with clay pots in the bathroom window!
Bonnie found the painting on the side of the road!!! Lucky girl.
I hope you have enjoyed this home as much as I do. I will be bringing you her gardens and barns whenever Michigan gets some warm weather.
Crab leg update: Abbey had a ball at her first attempt to eat crab legs. She even had to take one of the claws to school today to show her teacher! (I'll bet she was thrilled.)
Until another day...


  1. Dawn ~ thanks for sharing another wonderful home tour. Your friends have some wonderful pieces of furniture. Loved it all. Have a great evening.

  2. I enjoyed the tour ~ thanks so much for sharing !
    Have a wonderful night !
    Janae :-)

  3. What a wonderfully cozy home....thank you for taking the time to share! Janet :)

  4. What a wonderful house! there is so much detail & so much of the family's lives in it. I really like the backsplash! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow, the home is wonderful
    Thanks for sharing.