Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Happy Wednesday evening everyone. Just had a couple more pictures to show you. Kenny and Debbie made this primitive old sign for the shop and I thought it was adorable. Says, "Mule For Sale - Cheap".
Just got this old first aid cupboard in and I LOVE it. I'm really debating about whether to take it home or try to sell it. It would look SO cute in my bathroom. Sometimes it hard to leave things in the shop!

Thought you might get a kick out of this idea. We have this at The Little House up north in our kitchen. It was so fun to make. I just used an old window and filled it with vintage kitchen goodies, like trading stamps, an old towel, a needle book, pie crust cutter... Then we screwed old spoons along the bottom for the towel hooks.
It is SO cold and WINDY here today. It about blew the door off my shop every time someone came in. Sure hoping for better weather later in the week.
I'm going to try a p.j. party at the shop this Saturday. Everybody that comes in their p.j.'s gets a discount and we will have a door prize and freebies for the first 20 people. I think I'll open a little earlier and put out some coffee and donuts. Should be fun to see what people wear in!
Well, tonight is Abbey night. I'm going to cook crab legs and let her try them. She has been quite intrigued with that whole idea! We generally try to have a sleepover once a week and she missed last week with a bad sore throat. Her mommy is working hard on the new nursery and it will give her time to try to get more done. It is quite a task!
This whole blog thing is the most fun I've had in years! Sure hope I can meet some of you in person one day. Have a great evening, and until next time...


  1. Throw a few extra crab legs in the pot..I'm coming over! I love the kitchen window..what a neat idea!
    AND the p.j. party sounds like fun. Please share how it goes. SO you have wind today...we are suppose to get the winds tonight. Yes, isn't blogging fun? Tim and I are new at it but we are having so much fun. I am glad we did a blog because I got to meet your through the blog world..hope to meet you sometime in person. Have fun with Abbey!

  2. Crab legs sound delish! I love the window with the bent spoons ~ what a great idea. Wow, you are right, the wind here was awful & we got more snow. Where the heck is spring? Can't wait to play in the dirt. Have fun at the pj party, I hope you sell lots ~ wish I could stop by. Have a great evening.

  3. How fun is that window! I love it. And as for the First Aid Cupboard...keep it, you probably won't find another one like that.
    We had horrible winds late yesterday and into the night - thought the limbs would blow down on the house.
    See ya!