Monday, March 23, 2009


LET THE FUN BEGIN!!! We arrived in Waynesville on Thursday morning, checked into our motel and immediately called Jailhouse Primitives. We decided we just couldn't wait until Saturday! When you walk around the building to the entrance, these are the doors you see lined up for a fence. Aren't they just great!!!
This is definately on the "always stop" list when we go to Ohio from now on. Melissa's shop is just as cute and prim as can be! Connie and I both agreed that Melissa is what really makes the shop though. She is so warm and friendly and welcoming. It was so much fun to actually meet after e-mailing and reading her blog. We each found some great goodies here. I just love the things her mom makes, they are just the best! My "crow in the can" will always be a reminder of our first of many visits to Jailhouse Primitives!

Melissa and I on the front steps of the shop. I hated to leave, but we had so many places to see. We tried to talk her into going with us! I hope she can make it to Michigan sometime soon!
Is this shop adorable or what???!!! It gets even better the minute you walk inside!
From Germantown we went to West Alexandria to Lizzie's Cabin. We were SO disappointed! Lizzie was in Richmond setting up for the Olde Homestead Show and wasn't open. This is on our "next time" list of places to visit.
Another highlight was going into Dayton to meet Alice that owns Kindred Spirits. Connie and I have used her patterns for years and it was so much fun to meet her and see her shop. She was also so friendly and helpful. She showed us both how to needle felt and, of course, we had to buy the supplies!
When we got back to Waynesville, we just drove through town for a few minutes (since everything was closed) and got excited about our day there. This LITTLE log cabin was for sale or rent, so I had to take a picture. Wish I could move it to Michigan!
Friday morning we got up and headed to Columbus to the Heritage Show. What a blast!!! We carried so many packages back to our "shop and drop" table and then had to carry them all out to load them up when we left. We found some great prim goodies to put in the shop (and a few to keep too). One of my favorite vendors is Too Far Gone, she really has great prims.
From Columbus we got in the car and headed to Richmond, IN to the Olde Homestead Show. We finally got to meet Lizzie and see her wares - which were so great!
This is the building where The Olde Homestead Show was held.
Connie back at the motel with some of our loot. We didn't carry in the big pieces!
Me and more loot! Couldn't wait to get it back to the shop!
Saturday we got up and "did" Waynesville! We headed straight to the Wooden Sunflower. We hadn't been here since it changed hands (it used to be Primitives and More). What a nice surprise! More prim goodies! This shopkeeper was also a sweetheart and very helpful. Got my little sweet annie wreath for my bathroom here.
You can't go to Waynesville without visiting Olde Glory! What a beautiful, beautiful store! We had so much fun talking to Bea (the owner). We spent quite a bit of time here and can't wait to come back.
Back to the motel we went and got out our needle felting supplies. Connie was working on a project here and we had so much fun learning how to do this. Can't wait to use it on some of my dolls and lots of other things. It is so much fun to do - which was really a surprise!
This trip was just the greatest. I learned so many things, found so many great things to bring back, but, most of all, had the best time ever with my bestest prim pal! We both agreed that the highlight of the trip was meeting Melissa from Jailhouse Primitives.
And then it was over. We hit McDonald's on the way out of town to get a Diet Coke. Had to take one last picture of Connie in line behind me. Hopefully we'll be able to meet here again in the fall. I was then off to Michigan and Connie off to Tennessee.
All the way home my head was just reeling with ideas of things to make and things to redo at the shop (and home too). Can't wait to start sewing! It was just the best trip ever!
When I got back to Holly, my husband (Dick) and grandson (Gannon) were "manning" the shop. It was so adorable, Gannon wore his shirt and tie to work for me! We have 8 grandchildren with another one on the way, but Gan was our first. I always tell him he is "my first best boy". Can't believe he is 11 already! How could anybody resist buying with this handsome boy waiting on them??? He is just wonderful.
THEN I had to spend some time with my Abbey girl. She came over for awhile in the evening and had dinner with us. We talked every day on the phone and missed each other so much. She is truly a dolly!
Well, today Debbie is on her way with another load of antiques. Can't wait to see what is in this load - I know there is an old prim dry sink! The shop is closed today, so we are just going to go play for the afternoon and put things out and redo. Another fun day in Holly!
Did I mention that I'm really tired??? But what a good tired!
Have a great day and we'll talk again soon...


  1. WOW Thank you for sharing your amazing trip with us. I am SO JEALOUS!
    I would love to make the trip to the look of that shop!
    And the other shops, too.
    It seems like you had a great time..what fun!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I can't wait to see pics of your goodies.I love too far gone also.Thay are a very sweet mother and daughter team.michelle
    ps did you see Stacee from arnett's at heritage market?

  3. WOW!....what a FABULOUS weekend!....being able to visit all those wonderful shoppes and meet some great people is truly the best fun ever! Janet :)

  4. SO GLAD you had such a WONDERFUL weekend & was able to stop by! I REALLY ENJOYED your visit!!It took everything I had not to lock up & jump in the car with you two great ladies! Glad you found some treasures...that makes it even BETTER! Sounds like you had a blast! Can't wait to see you again this Fall & visit your shoppe! Gannon is adorable! I'd buy it ALL with a cutie like this waiting on me!!!! Missie:)

  5. Hi Dawn, what a wonderful post - I could almost feel like being there.
    I was supposed to go to the Ohio show but we didn't make it...glad you did and wow look at the goodies you got.
    When you get a chance could you e-mail me with a list of places you went to - we will be heading out that way soon. I'd really appreciate it.
    Hugs, Karen

  6. WOW...looks and sounds like you had a fantastic time. I would have loved to have been along on that trip. :)

    Take care,

  7. GREAT! I'll follow you as well:)

  8. Hello, I hope you do try that Poppy seed bread recipe, it is so moist and tasty and freezes really well. I have been to Waynesville years ago, looks like I need to make another trip! Sue

  9. What a wonderful prim shopping trip:0 I love the door fence, looks like the shop would be full of prims! Great post!

    BTW I added you to my fav blogs!

  10. I just found your blog and I love it. What a wonderful prim shopping trip. I used to live in Waynesville's and had a shop there. It was a wonderful place to live and I try to get down there to visit old friends and the shops a few times each year. Isn't that Ohio show wonderful...I went to it when I had my shop.