Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Wow, I bet I won't even be able to sleep tonight. I'm so darned excited about leaving for Ohio tomorrow morning. If any of you live near Richmond, Indiana, you should get on the picture trail for Cows In The Creek and check out the Olde Homestead Show for Friday night and Saturday. It looks like it is going to have the cream of the crop of the prim world there. I can't believe that we actually get to go see it! Ohio here we come!
Monday is going to be really a busy day at the shop. I hope to have lots of new inventory and Debbie is bringing another load of antiques. She said she has an awesome OLD dry sink for me this time too. Can't wait to see it. She sure does come up with the best darn prims. Her husband, Kenny, has been hard at work building more goodies too. (It's finally been warm enough for him to get out into his workshop!)
Well girls, have a great weekend and I hope to have lots of great adventures to report in with on Sunday night or Monday. Until then...


  1. Oh, Dawn, I wish I was going with you. Can't wait to see what you bring back. Have loads of fun & take some pics if you can.

  2. Hi Dawn; I just found you through Lori at the olde primitive house. And then I saw my blog listed on your blogroll and was so happy to see you found me first! LOL: I live in the Thumb and have been to Holly many times. I do drive all over the state and am NOW planning to come down and see you and your store sometime soon!! I have been reading through your blog and just love it. I am wanting to do something to improve the economy here in our area of Michigan. I would like to open a small prim store here as we have NOTHING. I would also like to draw folks to our area, including Holly, which is such a lovely ,sweet town. I would love to hear what you think. In my travels all over Michigan I have noticed that folks all seem to go over to the Western side of the state, I would like to see them over here! LOL! I would love to hear your thought; you can email me at Well, you have a great time at the show, be safe! Merrie

  3. Hi Dawn, we are going too. It was a great show last year. I hope you have a great time !!!