Thursday, March 26, 2009


Good Thursday evenin' to you all. What a better day I had at the shop today. The rain finally ended and people actually were out and about. I sold my favorite old green cupboard, hated to see it go, but that's business! Last night I tried my hand at my first bottle doll. She sure turned out prim!!! The picture makes her look like she had a really big head, but I think it was just the angle of the camera. Anyway, she was fun to experiment with. Our new artist, Terry, came today with a great load of goodies. Her things are just wonderful! (And she's bringing more tomorrow!) Lucky me. This little mouse pinkeep is on a spool, attached to a plate covered in sewing goodies.

Cute little Annie's done on small spindles.
More Annie's. The larger one is on a spring, as well as the heart. There is also little grapevine wreaths with Annie heads and an Annie garland. Really cute.
This little bunny, holding an egg, is also done on an old spring.
This bunny wreath is darling. It looks a lot more prim in person with the moss, eggs, ripped strips of homespun, etc.
One of my favorites has to be these tiny little mice peeking out of the old pink vintage shoes. So sweet!
Another cute creation is the mouse in the teacup. What a good little Mother's Day gift!
As you know, I love pinkeeps, so this is my other favorite! This little mouse on the spool of thread is just the best. I might have to bring one of these home with me for my collection.
Can't wait to see what else I get tomorrow! This was such a nice surprise and we talked about more things she is going to create for the shop.
It is so much fun when we actually have people coming in and are busy! Holly is an antique town, so we get people from all over coming to visit. I had a lady from Australia today. A gal from my class yesterday lived in Egypt for 14 years, that was really interesting too. I hope someday I'll get the chance to meets lots of you ladies!
Hubby has to work late tonight, so I guess I better get busy sewing for awhile. Have a great night and sleep tight...


  1. Hey, Dawn, so glad you had a better day today. Such cute things for the shop that you got today. It would be fun to meet some bloggin' buddies, wouldn't it? Have a great night.

  2. You sure do have some neat prim things...must be nice to be surrounded by it all day:)
    Meeting blogging buddies is nice, I've met two very nice ones and had alot of fun:)

  3. Congrats Dawn on your wonderful new artist!....everything looks prim perfect! Janet :)

  4. You sure have some wonderful new artists and the products are just great.
    Mice sure are in again this year aren't they.
    Hugs, Karen

  5. hi there dawn.....i am coming to your shop tomorrow...hope you are there....would love to meet you....see you soon...linda

  6. Hi!
    I wondered if you have a website by any chance?I love the mice.They are so beautifully made.Your shop looks so inviting in your id photo too.

  7. Those Mice are so darn cute!! I heard Linda Siva from Prim yoou Pad is coming to see you.
    I just met with blogging and Internet buddies last weekend. I hope you have as much fun as I did!
    hugs, Linda

  8. You did a WONDERFUL job on your bottle doll! Your shop looks great!!! Missie :)

  9. Aww how cute! I love your new mice that you got in. Your shop seems great. I am so glad I found your blog.