Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Good Wednesday evening prim pals! You all know I met my friend Connie in Ohio last weekend. I just couldn't make that trip without bringing some things back for ME! Sometimes it is so darn hard to shop for the store when I see so many things I would like in my own home! Well, these things are what I chose: Loved this package of grubby wax Easter goodies. It came with 4 wax eggs, a bunny and a carrot. They smell SO good! Just love them in the old wooden bowl!
This pic isn't from our trip, but I thought I'd throw it in while I was adding pictures - especially for Karen from My Colonial Home. Have you ever made penny rug valances? I made these a couple years ago for our dining room windows and I just love the look. You girls should try your hand at them!
I got this crow in the old can from Jailhouse Primitives, made by Melissa's mother. I just think he's adorable. I collect unique crows and my collection keeps growing! This will always be a treasure from my first of many visits to the Jailhouse!
This really primitive bunny was just calling out to me. It was made by Too Far Gone (I love their work). Just couldn't bear to put it in the shop. The egg is the paper mache one we did covered in cloves - sure smells yummy!
Is this tulip adorable or what? Just screams "spring". I want to make more to put in the shop, but I had to have one for me.
I'm not keeping this, but I thought this giant strawberry pinkeep was so cute.
Now this one is for me! It is made from old red velvet and filled with sand. It is so heavy and wonderful.
These are some of my pinkeeps. I have a "thing" for the unusual, really old looking ones. I have several more that are just too big to fit in this corner cupboard.
Things were a little slow at the shop today. I taught a paper-bag scrapbook class this morning, but the afternoon DRAGGED! I have a cold, wouldn't you just know? All I wanted to do was come home and get warm. We had a rainy old spring day and the cold just went through you.
Tonight I'm going to try my hand at making a bottle doll. They look SO old when they're done. I'd like to do one for the shop and see how it goes. I'm also going to plant wheat grass in the cans that Abbey helped me paint and grub last night. I love wheat grass for your Easter table. It grows so fast and you can actually trim it. It looks so cute with some little eggs nestled inside. Might tie some grubby cheesecloth around the cans.
Well girls, if I'm going to get these things done, I guess I better get off this computer. I just enjoy reading all of your posts so much, it's almost addicting! Have a good spring evening and you southern girls pass some sunshine on up to Michigan.
Until next time...


  1. Blogging is addicting isn't it?lol

    I love the strawberry pinkeep and you sure have alot of them...they look great in your cupboard:)

    Love the crows too!
    Have a great evening and it's raining here in my part of PA too, cold but love knowing it's going to make things greener!

  2. Hi Dawn! got some really wonderful spingy items! those strawberry pin keeps and your collection of pin keeps! Janet :)

  3. Hi Dawn...I wanted to let you know that I tried to respond to your email...but it was said that the email address was incorrect...I copied and pasted what you I don't believe it was my mistake...could you perhaps check it and resend. Thanks so much


  4. Hello
    Where do you find your wheat grass seed?Hope you're feeling better. Thanks Michelle

  5. I love everything; but I think my favorite is the sand filled strawberry pinkeep. I would have kept it too!

  6. Evening Dawn, I finally got to this post! lol
    It took me awhile because it has been so busy but I LOVE THE VALANCES!
    I e-mailed back that I'm making a Shower Curtain Valance right now for a special order and it's a challenge to get it straight cuz this stuff stretches!!!!
    I do love yours thought!!!!
    Hugs, Karen

  7. P.S I JUST STARTED FOLLOWING YOU...not sure why I wasn't before cuz you are on my blog list! hmmmm....anyway, I'm here!

  8. I LOVE YOUR VALANCES!!!!! You did an awesome job, they look so beautiful in your dining room! I may have to try that sometime myself! You pin keep collection is really cool, they look great in your cupboard! Missie :)