Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well, I'm finally down to almost counting the hours until I get to leave for Waynesville! I am so excited to spend 4 days with my friend Connie, we haven't seen each other since last August. Don't you just love those times you spend with gal pals? There's really nothing quite like it. It's rare to find somebody that you share so many interests with and like the same things. We have had the greatest adventures through the years and have gone so many different places. We love to just pack some goodies in a cooler and hit the road, instead of trying to stop and waste time eating! We used to work at the Prosecutor's Office together for years, until I went to work for a judge and she moved to TN. (Sure glad that time of my life is finally over!) It seems like we can just talk and laugh ourselves silly for hours. I have some very dear friends, but so many of them just don't get it when it comes to primitives. We are both excited to go to Jailhouse Primitives and meet our blogging friend in person! Her shop looks so darn cute and so does Germantown - very old and quaint. I hope to take some good pictures to share in our travels. We are going to Columbus to a trade show, which is always fun, and I hope to get some new finds for the shop.
I have a new artist that is bringing in some great prim handmades this week (hope she comes by tomorrow). Can't wait to see what she brings to me! I've seen her work and it is wonderful.
Well gals, have a great evening. Got to get packing and organized - only one more night to go!!! Will talk with you again soon...


  1. oh...you are soooo lucky! I want to go.The Market in Columbus is the best.We went a year ago in the Fall.

  2. Dawn,
    Have loads of fun & I hope you find lots of treasures.