Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Okay girls, here are some of the houses that I received today. These are the tiny ones, but so much detail.
This little tea-pot house is adorable. Look at the acorn on the rooftop.

The next three are a little bigger. The detail this artist uses is unbelievable! The acorn top is the window box, there is a rocking chair on the front porch with a little hat laying in the chair.

This one is adorable too. A little taller and slimmer. The pictures do not do these justice!
Can you see the swing on the front porch. Just as cute as can be!
I talked to this artist today and she will do custom work of your own historical home. She does not like to do modern houses - sorry. You can order them through my shop. You will need pictures of the front and two sides. She likes to see the roofline (where the chimney is) and any description you can give her. They will run about $79.95 each. The custom houses are like the ones in my header, a little bigger than the ones I'm showing here. She does such intricate work and they are just such a great keepsake or gift.

Now on to the dolls! These are the guys I made yesterday. I sewed for 12 hours straight and did my shoulders ever feel it! This is Mr. McGregor. He is wearing real bibs, shirt and tennis shoes. He has a carrot seed packet and carrot in his pocket and he is carrying 2 carrots. I would say he's about 32" tall. $64.95

Close-up of face with antique quilt batting in his ears.

Tennis shoes with moss.

This is another big girl. Lizzie and her shiny new shoes is a black doll with a muslin dress, old quilt heart pocket around her neck, patent leather shoes and springs for hair. About 34". $64.95

Lizzie's spring hair.

Lizzie's heart pocket and boxwood.

New patent leather shoes and grubby socks.

Prim Priscilla is either a doorhanger or shelfsitter. The color didn't come out at all the same in the picture. She is a dark grungy mustard color. $29.95

Nellie and Nelson are off to bed. Nellie is wearing her grubby flannel nightgown and real bunny slippers. She takes her stuffed Nelson with her everywhere. She is about 33" tall. $64.95
Close-up of Nellie's face. She also has antique quilt batting in her ears.

Close-up of Nelson. He has quilt batting tail and a rusty bell around his neck.

Real children's bunny slippers, they have a bunny on the top.
That's my line-up for today! Let me know if any of you are interested in having your own house done, I know you won't be disappointed!
I had such a cute moment today. My grandson, Gannon, called me to tell me that he was into building things now. He wondered if he could use a little part of the shop to sell his projects. He is 11 years old and SO adorable (white-blond hair and BIG blue eyes). He was our Santa during the Holly Dicken's Festival - and a good one too! Of course we will have to set up a section for "Gannon's Gifts". How could I ever say "no"? Isn't creating just the best for children? I love when they use their imaginations.
That's it for today girls. I'm ready to get dinner on and get into my jammies.
Sweet dreams...


  1. Dawn,
    Those houses are awesome, such fine details. Your dolls are just great. I know they will sell for sure. Have a wonderful evening.

  2. You sure did get alot of dolls made, WOW!....they all look great and those houses are very cute! Janet :)

  3. Those are cute houses, & you did a really gfreat job on the dolls. The springy hair is really different, nice details.

  4. Gorgeous houses, good luck with sales, dont think you will have any probs there! :) Sarah