Thursday, March 5, 2009


Another fun couple of days. Friend Debbie came back down from the north woods and brought more goodies to me. We putzed in the shop for a couple of days and had a ball. This is my "new" counter at my cash area. It already had a great old top and cash drawer, but was bare underneath, so we took an old quilt top and put a skirt around it. You should have seen us trying to get it in the store. It was in the shop behind me and we couldn't get it through that door. Had to put it on a dolly, take it outside, around the block and in the front door. The people in the tea room, on the other side of me, must have thought we were crazy! I just love it! I can finally hide my desk and have an extra place to work on handmades.
I had told you that we were getting in a couple more cupboards this week. I love, love, love this tall chimney cupboard. The door doesn't come all the way to the top and the inside is great. It has been painted a brown, but it is wonderful with the original old hinges and latch. $149.95

Our friend Kenny has been at it again. This great little cupboard has an old window for the door and 3 shelves. The hinges and latch are an old green color and the back is grungy beadboard. Would be great in any room. $95

More of Kenny's handiwork, with some help from Debbie. This sign is awesome, the board even has a knothole in it. $45
Another one of Kenny's signs. Great old colors. $39
Yup, there's nothing quite like spending time with your friends. We had a ball! We tried our hand at making the eggs with the cheesecloth and cinnamon and ended up making 60 of them last night! They were so much fun to do and turned out so cool! We put a little sprig of moss on a few of them to mix in with the plain ones. I had so many layers of modge podge and cinnamon on my fingers that I had to peel off BIG hunks of it. Then we each took a BIG styrafoam egg that had paper mache over it (I only had 2 done up), covered them with modge podge and rolled them in ground cloves. We glued the flat moss around the bottom (they stand up) and they look so neat and smell so yummy! In between egg making we had to see who got kicked from Idol. Any favorites yet?
My poor hubby ended up going to bed again and we talked until 4 a.m.! It was a little hard to get motivated this morning, but after a lot of coffee, off to the shop we went. We set up the counter, brought in cupboards, rearranged some things, talked, laughed, talked, laughed...
Debbie owned a shop in Waterford, Michigan for many years and I used to do her displays and handmades. That's how we met, so we work together so well. Her and her husband live up north about 2 miles from our cottage, so I can't wait to get up there and go putz in her booths. She is just the best at finding great prims and her husband is so talented at building and creating everything from signs to furniture. So, needless to say, I am a little tired tonight.
It was SO great to have some sunshine and warmer temps today. The zero weather was starting to really get old, so when it got in the 40's today it was like a miracle!
I can't believe that 2 weeks from today I will be seeing Connie (from Tennessee) in Waynesville. Jailhouse Primitives - here we come! Of course, we are going to the trade shows too, but I'm really excited about visiting some new interesting places. I feel so lucky to have Connie and Debbie for my friends. It's rare that you find someone that you share so many interests with - and I found two!
Okay, off to find some jammies and then start laundry...
Have a great evening!


  1. Love the pictures of your shop. The new checkout looks great. I noticed the string of lights in your other pictures...are they from Lori at The Olde Primitive House? I have her lights in our shop..they are great and so is LORI!!
    You and your friend, Debbie, make a great team! ANd what fun you have together. Here's hoping you have a great weekend at your shop.

  2. I wouls love to see your eggs.Michelle

  3. Your shop looks just wonderful and I love the quilt around your counter. Love those cupboards ~ great prices, too.

  4. I really like your counter. That is different. Having prim shops in the past, I am always interested in how people decorate theirs. Cupboard are really cool, also.Have fun on your up & coming adventure!