Friday, March 6, 2009


Happy Friday everyone! I was so excited telling you all about our custom houses by our new artist that I forgot to tell you that she will also do custom pets - dogs and cats. Above is her wonderful paper mache rabbit and little rabbit ornie. They are just wonderful!
A couple people asked to see pictures of the eggs that Debbie and I did the other night. This is the BIG paper mache egg that we covered in ground cloves and a little moss. It smells SO yummy when you walk in the house!

This is my dozen eggs that I kept for myself. Just love them. Maybe this weekend I'll start getting out a few spring things. You should try doing these, they are so much fun and look so great in an old wooden bowl or basket. My friend Connie did some last night and added a little basil and green spices to the cinnamon and she said they turned out great too.
Don't know what happened (I'm new at all of this), but I got 2 pictures of the same thing on here and I don't know how to remove one. Oh well!
Anyway, Debbie found plastic carrots, so we are going to try our hand at doing the same technique with some of those. Can't wait! (More layers of modge podge and cinnamon to peel off!)
I couldn't believe it, but it got up to 68 degrees here today. Sure wish that kind of weather would stick around. I even opened the door to the shop for awhile. It always feels so great to get some fresh air after everything has been so closed up for the winter. Can't wait to get a chance to do that at home.
I hope to start having some good home tours on here for you to look at by next week. Not sure what will come first, but it should all be fun. I have 3 farm houses, 2 cottages, 1 Federal style and an OLD Greek Revival lined up. The farm houses are all completely different, but all unique in their own way. One is my daughter's and she has come up with some great ideas for some of the younger gals. She is busy working on her nursery right now and it is not going to be anything like you've seen before! I'm so proud of her and her talent. It's so much fun to watch her decorating talents blossom.
I'm SO tired tonight. I think my 4 a.m. gabbing session with Debbie the other night finally caught up! Have a great evening!


  1. Love your eggs. I am gonna to give them a try.My daughter would have fun helping me.Michelle

  2. Love those eggs, Donna. I'm going to make some this weekend. Can't wait to see the hometours. It was nice here today, too. Not much sun but the snow is melting ~ Yeah.

  3. Hi...just found you...great blog! I am looking forward to your home tours!