Sunday, March 15, 2009


Fun times with family are just the best. Last night we went to my folk's house and had cake and ice cream for our Chad and Kim. Chad turned 40 on the 10th and Kim turns 40 on the 22nd. My daughter Ashley's family was also there and we just had a great time. Chad met Kim when they were 17 and they have been together ever since. I can hardly remember our family before she was part of it and we are so, so lucky to have her. She is such a wonderful person and so very talented. She is a graphic artist with her own business and works like crazy. One of these days I will have their house on as a home tour, they have an old turn of the century house and they have done some wonderful things inside and out. Kim's dad is a very talented wood-worker and her mom is a beautiful artist (toll painting, but very, very professional). Her mom, Sharon, just had both knees replaced, so I hope you all keep her in your prayers for a speedy recovery. She helps me out in the shop and I'm really missing her right now. So -- Happy Birthday Chad and Kim!
On to the P.J. Party. It was a flop! I truly think people were intimidated to come in the shop in their p.j.'s. I took the sign down late morning and people started coming right in. Oh well, live and learn. Guess I'll never do another p.j. party. (Glad I took some clothes to change into!)
Can't wait for Thursday to get here! Just a few more days and I get to see my friend Connie. We have so many plans to cram into just 4 days. Guess we can catch up on our sleep after we each get home. I love the pictures of Germantown that are on Jailhouse Primitives and can't wait to see the town in person. Still looking for prim places to explore around the Waynesville/Columbus areas. Any ideas? I'd appreciate any input you might have on that note!
Guess I'm going to get my p.j.'s on (for real) and snug up and watch the movie "Austrailia" with my hubby. It's been a long weekend and I'm ready for some down time tonight.
Also, thank you to everyone that has left such nice comments about my little "home tours". More to come soon...


  1. Happy Birthday to your son & dil. Isn't it wonderful when your adult children find someone so special & they just blend in with the family. We have been blessed the same way. Sorry about your pj party.

  2. Dawn, did you get my email? I sent you some photos of rabbits and such for spring. I am Lori's friend from The Olde Primitive House. Glad to see your Birthday was fun and with family!

  3. I did the same thing Saturday and blogged about it yesterday. Packed a cooler and off we went. I hope you and your friend have as much fun as Jill and I did!