Sunday, April 12, 2009


What a great week at Holly Hills Primitives! I met so many new people from the blog and had so much fun with all of them. Yesterday, Linda (from Primp Your Pad) brought two of her friends over for a visit and shopping adventure. Linda is so much darn fun and I'm going to get someone to work for me soon so I can get over to her neck of the woods. This is Jackie (on left) and Earlene (on right) that are Linda's friends (and now mine too)! What nice gals they all are. Earlene's home was featured in Country Sampler and it is FABULOUS! I love her style and hope to be able to see it "in person" one of these days.
Then, as the day was starting to wrap up, I got another load of goodies from Terri! Look at this wonderful OLD yarn winder. $94.95
How about this BIG old drying rack? Can't wait to find a place to hang it on the wall. $89.95
Debbie brought these wooden boxes. The bottom one is sold. I just love the medium size one with the leather strap.
Isn't this a sweet little walnut side chair? $29.95
Another cute idea from Terri. This is a tabletop (without legs) made into a gameboard. $49.95
Grubby old stitchery with the garden alphabet on one side and a gardening angel on the other. The pocket is a piece of old quilt filled with Sweet Annie.
Now these are really exciting! Terri will be bringing a line of these candles soon. The molds are actually made from actual old antique pieces. This shoe candle was really an old high button child's shoe. It is so wonderful! $16.00
More mice in baby shoes. Just love her mice! $14.95 each.
Some new signs. "Gatherings" is 12.95 and "Black Crow Pub" is $24.95"The Keeping Room" sign is also $24.95
That's it for yesterday's goodies, but I think we got some really wonderful additions to the shop.
Time to get my green bean casserole and salad made and get ready to head over to Ashley and Tony's house for our Easter dinner. What a treat this is! Our Abbey is so darned excited that the holiday dinner is going to be at her house this year. She called me this morning and had to tell me all about finding her basket in the recycle bin!
I hope all of you have a wonderful, peaceful and blessed Easter. It is truly a day for forgiveness and a day to count our blessings. Until tomorrow...

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  1. Love the game board table top and of course, love the little mice in the baby shoes... too cute!!