Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another sunny day in Michigan - I think it's a miracle!!! TWO IN A ROW! Yesterday morning started out great. I took Abbey with me to the bank and then to the donut shop and when we got to the shop, Ashley and Tony were there with all my lights on, the candle lit, the music going and coffee made! The day doesn't start much better than that! Thanks! And it just kept getting better. I had new and old customers coming all day and new goodies were delivered too! I'd like to share with you... Isn't this big old burgandy carpenter's tote something!? It could sure hold a lot of potted plants on someone's porch! $45.00
This is the little table and chairs we have on our "porch" until the vintage patio set is delivered. It looks so darn cozy! This would be adorable in a breakfast nook. The chairs have the original stenciling. The whole set is only $119.00
The other side of the "porch" has another big old green carpenter's tote ($49.00) and this darling little child's rocker ($49.00). More chalkboard doors ($49.00) will be in by next week too.
I love, love, love this old green metal lamp. If it doesn't sell fast, it will be coming home with me! ($28.00)
How about this OLD black metal advertising bucket? Don't think I'd put any food in it though.
Such a dear little lady's rocker. This is just in excellent shape and just a sweetie. ($89.95)
Wonderful old breadboard, wooden towel rack, old bottles and braided rug.
How about these BIG strawberry pinkeeps with rusty pins($19.95)? Perfect for the old strawberry carrier ($34.95).
These "penny" blocks are rag stuffed and each has a rusty pin attached ($29.95/set). Love the old prim look - but I'm partial to any kind of "penny" rugs.
Remember girls, if you see anything you are interested in, just call or e-mail and we can ship.
This is supposed to be the week to get more goodies from Terri too, hope she comes today! We will also be having more dolls by the end of the week - hopefully tomorrow. Wait until you see the BIG feedsack doll! She would be so cute on a country porch!
Last night was kind of a wash. Had to run and get more stuffing, material and thread after the shop closed and then we had to watch Idol. I think they made the right choice this week, although I thought Scott was a real gentleman. SO, I didn't get anything sewn - just stuffed while watching t.v.
It will be fun to see what today brings. That's the greatest part of having the shop. I love to meet all of you new gals and have the repeat gals come back. What a wonderful way to make new prim friends!
Guess I better get moving so I can open on time. We will be talking soon, so until then...


  1. Good Morning Dawn! sure did get some fantastic items!....and I agree about Scott, it was time....have a great day! Janet :)

  2. Hi Dawn!....yes! You got some fabulous things! I especially love the table and chairs you have on the porch! Oh and the breadboard looks like a really nice one too! If you really want that green metal lamp you'd better hide it! LOL....If I lived nearby you bet I'd be in there, far as Idol goes, I think you're right on that it'll be Danny and Adam in the final two, can't say I am a fan of Adam though!....and I think Lil better step it up or she will be soon to go but I think next should be either Anoop or Matt, not that they aren't talented, I just think they're the weakest performers at this point....gosh I love that show....have a great day! Janet :)

  3. It's probably a good thing I don't live close to your shop. I'd have to buy a bigger SUV to haul all the things I'd biy. Everything in the pictures is wonderful and you have such a knack for displaying them.

  4. That big red tool carrier may have to come home with me tomorrow...... if it's still there!

  5. Hello My Prim Friend, Dawn! OMG, you got some GREAT things in! Gosh, I LOVE IT ALL!!!! I'd be taking that lamp home too! Adorably old! Looks like it has great patina! Be hard to see that one go! Love the Spring look you have going on! It's a good thing we don't live closer...I'd be in some big trouble! I need a picker like Debbie! She's the best!

  6. Oh what fun seeing all that eye candy!! I wish I could take one of each!!

    Have a happy and blessed Easter! hugs, Linda