Monday, April 20, 2009


Good Monday morning to all of you. The nice weather was sure great while it lasted, but we are back to pouring rain today. Oh well, I won't feel so guilty for not raking out flower beds today and I can get more sewing done. Michigan is supposed to have rain until Wednesday and then get nice again at the end of the week. I did notice that all the bushes are budding and the grass is getting so green! I love when everything comes back to life in the springtime.
My friend Connie has the most beautiful flower gardens in Tennessee and I want her to share some of her secrets with me this year. I've got my eye on a couple spots for some new beds. If I get down there this year, I'll take pictures to share with you. She has done a beautiful job! I'd also like to put in a SMALL veggie garden that the grandkids can be a part of.
I've got so many projects that I would like to finish up and start today. I want to get a lot of things into the shop before our Ladies Night Out on May 8. I'm hoping Terri is sewing her little fingers away too. That should be such a fun night!
Got a few more oldies in to share with you... Look at this BIG old box! I could just see that either on a porch or in a garden. It has some old advertising on the side. $29.95
OLD, rusty scale (the dial part has rust) would be adorable in a summer room with flowers. $29.95

Primitive garden bench. Don't you love the lines of this one? (Very sturdy) $90.00
Prim handmade flags with stick handles and old buttons for "stars". $9.95
Another cutie lamp. This one is a khacki color metal with the glass globe. Sorry, can't remember the price. Lots of handmade pinwheels - $4.95
Debbie and I ended up "marrying" the old farm table and two door cupboard into a desk. Isn't it adorable??? Love it with the ladderback chair. The cupboard is $95.00, the farm table is 20% off $120
OLD dog print and frame. It is in great shape and so vintage. $29.95
New tin sign. This one is really a cutie. $19.95
That's it for the weekend goodies, but hope to have more for tomorrow. I'm going to work on some new stitcheries that I think you will love. Connie gave me the idea (thank you my friend) and they are so prim and wonderful. Dick and I picked up some great old barnwood this weekend and I want to do some signs on that too. (Along with making a couple dolls and doing housework!) Seems like it never ends, but it's always so much fun to see the finished products.
Our Abbey spent the night last night and she is home with me this morning with a sore throat. Remember being able to stay home from school with your pillow and blankie on the couch? It was always so comforting. (I'd like one of those days!)
Just got the best news! I am going to Fort Wayne to the market next month and I am going to meet Lori (The Olde Primitive House) there. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lights she does and she is such a nice gal, can't wait to meet in person!
Also, thanks to all of you who left such nice comments about our home tour. I hope to have Part Two soon.
Enjoy the rainy day and we'll talk again soon...


  1. Hey Chick-A~~
    Can't wait to meet you too!! ;O) Looking forward to a great show!! I just love going and seeing all the NEW things!! And to see ALL my friends again, just to catch up!!

    Many hugs........

  2. Good Morning Dawn!....more cute goodies I see! is a rainy day here in Central Virginia as well....the upcoming weekend is supposed to be in the upper eighties which I am NOT looking forward to, UGH!....oh well, at least my willow tree is getting full again! Janet :)

  3. My gosh, you make my head spin with all the stuff that you do! I can't wait to see what new treasures you're getting in and your stitcheries. I think another visit soon is due!! And isn't this rain today something else? Where's Noah when you need him? But you're right, everything is getting green and starting to bud and bloom!!

  4. Hi Dawn, Love your new goodies.
    I am so jealous..You are getting to meet Lori...I would love to meet her AND YOU! One of these days! Enjoy your day.