Friday, April 24, 2009


What a beautiful day in Michigan, it was 81 degrees!!! It's supposed to be even nicer tomorrow. It was so nice to see people out and about today, no heavy coats and some were in shorts and sandles. Got a few REALLY PRIM things in at the shop too. This is "Joe". His poor ticking pants are so grubby from working so hard in the hot sun. He has "Joe" embroidered on his chest, his teeth are white pins and wool for hair. He is holding a "blossom" of cotton. $39.95
This big black crow flew into our greenhouse. He is standing on an antique bobbin, there is some Sweet Annie tucked under his wing and moss around the bottom of him. He has a ripped strip and a rusty bell around his neck. $29.95

Another black crow flew in with him. He is so cool. He is sitting on an old outside faucet handle with moss under him. He also has some Sweet Annie tucked under his wing (they both must have found a good patch of it) and cheesecloth is holding on the flag. $29.95
Our Sally brought in more of her beautiful cards. What works of art! You should see the ones she did for Mother's Day, so very special. They would be so wonderful in a frame when the holiday is over. $9.95 each
By next week I should have more handmade dolls, stitcheries, antiques, and another load from Terri. I want the store to have lots to choose from for our Ladies Night Out!
Business picked up some today, but I think there are still a lot of people out working in their yards. I hope I get a chance to do some of that this weekend too. I've been waiting all winter to play in the dirt!
Dick had to work later tonight, so Ashley, Abbey and I went to DQ for a bite to eat because Abbey wanted to go someplace to sit outside. It was fun to spend a little time with my girls. Ashley's husband is gone for opening of trout season, so maybe we'll get a chance to spend more time together this weekend. She is getting SO uncomfortable with her pregnancy. Boy, do I ever remember those days! Next weekend is her shower and it will be such a great time. Can't wait to see all those little baby things. I just want to be able to rock that little Lucy and kiss her little face. Only a couple more months!
Well girls, enjoy this beautiful weather. I hope there is sunshine wherever you are...


  1. I love everything that you got in for your prim~

    Everyone was out here today too doing their yards and getting porchs ready such a good thing to see:)

  2. Hi Dawn...
    All your new goodies are great.
    Some day I'm going to bisit your shop!

  3. Hi Dawn,
    Great goodies as always!! Sure wish I lived closer to see these wonderful primitives in person.