Monday, April 6, 2009

What a great weekend at The Little House! We took our Abbey up with us and had a ball, none of us wanted to come home today. BUT, when we did, we came home to about 5 inches of SNOW!!! It's like this spring has been a bad joke. We didn't have any snow up north, just at home. Oh well, it's got to be over with soon. These are two little cabins we have on our mantle at The Little House. One is made from old matchsticks and the other is made from tiny little logs and stones. A friend of my mom's, who is gone now, gave it to me years ago.
What's more appropriate for a campfire than Campfire Marshmallows?
Just love these little old sifters, especially the tiny one.
Our Rosie was so tired after playing with Abbey all day that she just had to get settled in for a long night's sleep. Isn't it great to snuggle up with an old, soft afghan?
Do you think she was a little jealous. Just couldn't seem to get close enough, just about 65 pounds of "lap dog".
Abbey had to have a little tea party on the old baker's table. She had been helping pick up and burn sticks in the yard and really needed a break.
Abbey's favorite thing is a campfire. Of course Papa had to build one for her!
One of the first things Abbey wanted to do was go visit Harley, our neighbor's dog. He has been her buddy since she was born and he was so excited to see her. He even jumped in the back seat with her when we were leaving!
What a nice relaxing two days, even though we got quite a bit done for spring. Abbey and Papa went on a ride last night and saw 32 deer, 1 squirrel, 2 chickens, 2 phesants, 1 alpaca, and 1 coyote! Pretty darned exciting when you're six years old.
Tomorrow is back to the real world of shopkeeping, but it should be a fun day. Debbie is coming to help me get started with our "redo". We're going to start at the back of the shop and work our way forward. It always feels so much better to move things around and get a fresh look.
I got a call from Terri today and she has been working on lots more handmades. They will be delivered sometime Wednesday, so that will be another exciting day. I love her work and feel so lucky that she found me! Can't wait to see what she brings this time.
Tonight I'm sewing, sewing, sewing. Trying to get some Liberty and Uncle Sam dolls ready for our Americana section and more black dolls finished up. Wish I could just wave a magic wand!!! Speaking of sewing, guess I better get moving while I have a chance. Hubby went to the Michigan State vs North Carolina game tonight (he was so excited), so that gives me the evening without many interruptions.
Have a great evening and I hope to have more pictures tomorrow. Until then...


  1. Hi Dawn!....such a lovely weekend you had for sure and what wonderful memories you are creating for your Abbey!....have a great week! Janet :)

  2. What a fun weekend you had with Abbey! She's a cutie! I am hoping to make a trip to Holly this Friday to come visit your shop.... I've just been drooling over all your pictures. Please, no more snow!!!! I'm sick to death of it. You know as soon as this stops it's just going to get HOT! Hope to see you/meet you on Friday!

  3. hey there great you got away for some fun....i loved all the pictures you shared...guess what....i might be coming back to the holly area on watch for girlfriend earlene and i are going to try to get away again .....she is a will like you have the hall tavenware metal tray your collection and i have one i am going to get rid of....let me know...linda

  4. Dawn,
    I'm so glad you had a weekend away but isn't this Michigan weather something else?? Love your gatherings at "the little house", perfectly prim. I have a campfire marshmallow tin, too. Abbey's a doll. Have a great week.

  5. Love your little cabins of course! The picture with your dog wrapped up is so cute!!! I bet you had a wonderful time with your Granddaughter. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the shop with the overhaul.

  6. I love the marshmellow is wonderful. Looks like you have a great time. Dianntha

  7. Holly CoW! You are one busy lady! I LOVE campfires...what a sweet papaw Abby has! That is the cutest pic of them! Wonderful memories too! I have that same tin & loving campfires myself, I just can't part with it! Sounds like you all had a grand time! Don't work too hard! Missie :)